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sunshine and grass stains

last weekend we did a little bit of “touristy-ness” with some dear friends from Gloucester. we went to Woodmans for fried fish because we just found out they had a gluten free version. {Husbuddy was super excited!}

it was a beautiful day {finally!} to be out enjoying the sunshine. 
IMG_2045_with Dubose


we are thankful for friends to share life with, even if just for a year. these two have two more years of seminary at Gordon Conwell… so we’ll be praying for strength to endure as they prepare to receive a call to be a pastor.   IMG_2064_dad and girl-vintage

while we finished eating, Finley, the adorable 10 month old, was having a blast sitting in and crawling through the grass.  this was a new experience for her.  so of course i had to pull out my camera to capture her cuteness.

i love her single bottom tooth… so adorable.

and this face looks like, ‘hey ma, watch me…’ IMG_2052_look of trouble-vintage


as she takes off to get her first grass stains on her knees.  IMG_2060_there she goes-vintage


so sweet.

gotta admit, i love sunshine and grass stains. 🙂 warm weather is finally here and i’m enjoying every minute!

what about you? had a chance to enjoy the sunshine recently?





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sitting in the sunshine

sunshine  streaming in my window is one of the most glorious things.

it makes me smile! especially when it’s SO cold outside.  i just want to slow down and soak it in. everything is looks so good when the sunshine is streaming in.


i think it makes puppycakes happy too.  if he’s not propped up on a pillow like a king somewhere he’s definitely sprawled in the sunshine. soaking it in.sitting in sunshineafter a long week, taking a few moments to soak up sunshine is so important.

it reminds me of the many blessings in my life. little blessings and big blessings. i start to list them in my mind.

it reminds me of how good life is! i start thinking of all the things that are good. i can’t even count them all, there are so many good things.

it reminds me that the sun still shines even when it’s cold. even when life is hard, there are still little ways that God says He loves me. i try to notice the little ways. i try to open my eyes to the little gifts sun rays.

sitting in the sunshine reminds me to praise God for every little gift!

especially sunshine. 🙂

xo-kimberly renee

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Little Corona {yes, i still have pictures from our cali trip}

While the thermometer says 100 degrees outside, i’m inside dreaming of the beach. One day while in Balboa we went to Little Corona. It was so picturesque and the weather was perfect and the waves were nice and the sand even nicer. 🙂

i love taking shots from behind. here are the cousins headed to the beach. (yes, they made the littlest guy carry the boogie board!)

fuzz head.

hot stuff

the boys. so cute!!

I love getting action shots of the guys on their board. see the brother pushing him off… go Nick  go! You’re rockin’ this wave::

and yes, thank you bird for walking in between me, with the camera, and my subject…
good wave catch, Nick! o, hello, pretty bird!
and let me just say, these past few days all i’ve seen of my husbuddy are sad faces because it’s just too dang hot out…(and he loves to tell me about it… as if i didn’t already know :-p)
but looking at these pics makes me miss these faces!!
the concentration. the focus.
the amazement. (that he caught it?)
the joy!
oh the joy! so cute. glad you loved that sweetie. wish we could go there this afternoon!!
i’m almost done going through my California shots, i promise. 🙂
stay cool out there, friends!
xo-kimberly renee
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