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a few sweet things

apparently i haven’t turned on my computer in over a week! it’s been a good week though, and i’m already working on a few blog posts of what i’ve been up to. {there’s even a couple DIY projects, so look forward to that! yay!}  until then, i thought i’d share a few “sweet” things today.

“sweet” things or “sweet” finds are just special little things that i’ve found on the interwebs that i’d like to share with you.


this sweet girl who makes paper dresses: AMAZING! {and i now follow her instagram which makes me smile EVERYTIME.}

ps. she’s 4 years old. talk about a sense of design!


this blog post about feeling overwhelmed…and about a hebrew word: Radaph:  UM, can we say… over here! pick me pick me! **jumping up and down with hand raised** that would be why i didn’t turn on the computer all last week…


this baby girl rocking her st. paddy’s outfit from our Irish friends:

to see more random pics that i post, check out my instagram.

speaking of our Irish friends, our little Godson, Desmond Philip, was baptized yesterday! Praise Jesus! isn’t he adorable?! i’m so in love and can’t wait to meet him!!

We are proud parents.

{and his momma and i may be planning a wedding already…lol… husbuddy says no body, not even his Godson, is good enough for his baby girl… haha. i’m joking about the wedding…sort of. lol.  ALSO,  how amazingly beautiful is that momma of his? love them all!}

this over at Fieldstone Hill Design about:


Darlene is talking about how we can be bold in what we choose to wear or what we love to put in our house because we have a God, a MASTER DESIGNER if you will, that has made the boldest choices in His design of the universe! He made the beauty around us. He made us to have an eye for beautiful things. why limit that?!  i LOVE what Darlene says about being bold:

“So, if you love that pink chair, And if you LOVE that chunky necklace, then God gave you an eye to appreciate that bold and sculptural beauty. He is the BOLDEST Master Designer there is.”


then there’s this blog post about “passion following“: i just love The Nester.

we were all created with a passion. are you following yours?! i admit, some days are rough to figure out what that passion really IS. like today, we had a couple major wardrobe changes by noon. oh well.  BUT, i still see ways to live in thanksgiving and to live with passion, even over the little things!

enjoy the sweet finds my friends! happy Monday, y’all.

xoxo-kimberly renee
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HOUZZ (dot com)

first of all, i’m sorry for neglecting my dear little blog. life is a bit crazy right now,  and i hope to share more with you soon!

but all right, today’s post is about Houzz dot com.

who hasn’t discovered Houzz yet?! i mean, seriously, this website is AWESOME. 🙂 i’ve been on it a lot lately for a couple of projects. a couple of kitchens, a fence project, a couple of powder rooms… and so when i need inspiration, i go here and start searching for images that inspire!

do you need help figuring out what style of kitchen you should go with? they have an article and a million links for that.

do you like vintage looking kitchens and need confidence that you can pull it off? they have an article for that too. 🙂

Yup! do you recognize that kitchen? It’s from my photoshoot adventure my  best day of work ever! Kinda exciting that my old firm is finally getting the recognition they deserve for this project! She actually received an award for “Best of Houzz 2013″ woot woot! Knight Architects has a nice little portfolio on Houzz that you should totally check out.
Or maybe you need direction for a fence or gate you want to build. There is inspiration for that.
and of course, there are a million powder room inspiration examples! it’s the designer’s dream, really, to be able to peruse such an abundant collection of inspirational photos! so, you know what i’ll be doing today…
go check Houzz out! 🙂 it’s very fun.
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miss A’s birthday and a little book review.

today is my little sister’s birthday! Happy Birthday Miss A!


she’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. i promise you. if you haven’t met her, you should. today she turns 22 and i told her to sing the taylor swift song :22 {ok, this version is a cappella, and it’s pretty cool}  on the top of her lungs all day. hee hee

amy, do.it.

haha. awe, i miss her so much.

so, for her birthday gift i got her something special. i’ve been hearing a lot about this book: Grace for the Good Girl by one of my favorite bloggers from Chatting at the Sky.  i’ve been dying to read it for myself.

finally, i used the excuse to spend the money on it- for her…then i read it, wrote all over it, shared my heart all the way through it, and then gave it to her.  have you ever done this for someone? or gotten a gift like this? i have. and it’s AWESOME. it’s so fun to read through a book with notes written all over it from a person i love, it connects you. especially when they are far away.  i thought this would be a good way to have a long distance “book club” with my dear sister friend.

anyway, it was SUCH a good read ! and since miss A is a little mini-me (as in we are SO alike) i am hoping that she likes it as much as i did. it really hits me on the mark in so many ways. i’m so good at trying to be “good enough” -even to the point where i try not to need Jesus. i am so good at working hard, being worried about doing things right, and not very good at letting go and resting in the freedom of Christ. that is what this book is about! it talks about the masks we “good girls” wear to cover up how we are really feeling, to say the right things, to be “fine” with everything.  emily freeman did an amazing job capturing me in a book and then calling me to a better life.

in review: Grace for the Good Girl is a great book that i highly recommend. { note: i was in no way paid or solicited for this review…just sharing what i found!}

here is one of my favorite quotes that has stuck with me the last couple of weeks:

“in the end, i don’t want to see Jesus fully and in person, look expectantly toward him to finally receive the freedom and rest of my salvation, and hear him say, “sweet daughter, you have had it all along, but you chose not to believe. You have had abundance, but you have lived in want. I gave you freedom, but you lived in chains. I gave you forgiveness, but you lived with guilt. I gave you completeness but you hid behind your girl-made masks and pretend identities”

-emily freeman. Grace for the Good Girl pg. 218

sweet sister, i hope you enjoy my gift. but more than that, i hope you know how much i love you!! i can’t wait until we can live closer and share more life together. you’re the best and you’re 22! 🙂  have an amazing day! k and a at tulum

love, kimberly renee

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in a little over a week

in a week my little sister and brother-in-law show up in Jersey to help us pack.

in a week and 1 day i will say goodbye at work and have a big party with friends when we pack the truck.

in a week and 2 days we will drive 6+ hours north to Gloucester.

we are leaving our life, friends, and job here, yes. it is sad, yes. but it’s for a purpose. there is a reason and a “together calling“. we don’t know for sure where this next step will eventually take us, but we know God has it under control.

we have felt a call to ministry from very early in our marriage, husbuddy has felt a call to preach and i have felt a call to be an encourager by his side and to love others. even when i first started dating him, way back then, i told him that the purpose of my life was to glorify God, and i would only date/marry him if we could glorify God better together, than we could as individuals.  {needless to say, he was a little shocked by my determination to avoid dating him at first 😉 ha}

but that’s why i simply ADORE this post over at Grace Covers Me. go and check out what she means when she talks about a “together calling”– i think this post talks to everyone, even if you’re not in a “specific” ministry,  whether you are a pastor’s wife or not, this post is a good a reminder that you, specifically, are called to serve God. it may be side by side with your husband- but you are not serving your husband. this ministry/pastorate/life is not just his calling, with you following along doing your own thing.   God has called you, my friend, specifically to a purpose and to serve Him with your whole heart, regardless of what your significant other is up to. But as a married couple, He has a specific calling for both of you- together- to glorify Him.

i love how she says, “my calling isn’t fueled by my husband”. sometimes i get stuck in a rut where i look to my husbuddy more than i look to my faithful God. my focus moves from God to him. then he gets frustrated that he can’t fulfill me the way that i want and then he gets stuck in a rut trying to be the savior i’m looking to him to be. he just can’t be though. he’s only human. i am fueled by Christ ALONE. my calling is to follow where Christ leads and to lean into HIM instead of on my husbuddy.

God has called me to serve Him with my whole heart and in everything i do. and what i am doing right now is following a call to encourage and support husbuddy while he finishes schooling in his call to become a preaching pastor. that, at this moment, is our “together call”.

and that, is why we are moving next week.

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encourage someone.

or  (in)courage

I don’t know if I’ve had my head stuck in a hole, but I just found this blog.

 It’s such a great blog for encouraging women in their walk of faith, with lots of daily posts about different topics.  In their “about” section, they say that their blog is about relationships. Can we say, beautiful?! They are very real, talking about the ups and downs of life and grace and faith. I’ve been inspired 🙂 I really appreciate how truth and grace filled this blog is and when I’m unfocused sometimes I go here to get a re-focus on what really matters. go check it out here ! 🙂

-*another thing though*-

Through one of (in)courage’s  sponsers-DaySpring- they are doing a Christmas Card Drive with Compassion International. For just 1.99 you can send a card to an un-sponsered child in  Ecuador. I Check out the post about it here. UM. Can we say Amazing?

 Who’s going to join me in sending a sweet little child some love this Christmas? Please do! You’ll make someone’s day. 🙂 I love it when we can “make someone’s day”.  don’t you? Here is where you can make a Christmas Card. Go ahead. spend 2 dollars 🙂

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SWEET find # 6842750

ok. maybe not #6842750.

but close. i just think i lost count after i couldn’t count on my fingers any more.

check out this blog. “Catalog Living” .

pretty funny, no?!

 especially since it’s making fun of all those catelogs, such as pottery barn and restoration hardware, that we ALL admire and covet and aspire to… 

(yes i said, we all. admit it-don’t be prissy and better-than-thou—> you do it too. and really, it’s not yours or my fault. it’s society’s fault that we covet and want what looks so pretty. whenever in doubt, blame it on society. my logic makes sense right? when we’re out of money and we splurge on the credit card for something we “have to have” we just blame it on society right? and when we diet and barf our guts out because we have to look a certian way we blame it on society right? have i taken this way too off track? yup. doh!)

so any way. back to the new blog I found from a friend on facebook (don’tcha just love all the random stuff you find on facebook?) it’s a comedian who jokes about the images from those cateloges. 

go ahead. check it out. CATALOG LIVING 

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“creative worship”

Today I’m reminded how we’re all called to worship God with the gifts HE has given us.  This little reminder came from my dear mother in law. 🙂  Check it out.

(my sweet mother in law: 🙂 and her dog…


 maybe i should do a painting of them? )

She reminded me that I’m called to give Glory to God in everything I do every day. Part of that is in my work, in my art, in the way I love my husband and friends and family… i could go on and on. But seriously. Go check out Pam’s blog. It explains it better.

Also, I’m so in love with her little cards that she made from her orginal artwork! She put them in frames to show what you could do with the cards….

They are so beautiful!

 And how perfect are these to get a little bit of professional art up in your apartment or first home without breaking your budget? ;0)

so check out her etsy site

i love your work Pam. But I love you more! 🙂 Thanks for the encouragment today!

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