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the project that took 3 years {on over-engineering a headboard}

ok…so actually, it only took a couple of days.

but i’ve had this headboard in my head to make for over 3 years ever since we lived in Princeton!!

with all the moving around we just have never been in a place where we could make it the way we wanted to. as in… completely over-engineering it

lol. here we are, an architect and a pastor {who TOTALLY would have been an engineer, let’s be honest, if he hadn’t been called to ministry} who drew and discussed this headboard design UP THE WAZOO and now i’m here to share it with you.

first off, i found THIS tutorial on pinterest. we only loosely followed it. you’ll see how we made it our own…by completely over-engineering it. 

then i hemmed and haughed over the color of the fabric. oh, i wanted a nice teal, blue. but the practical-person inside of me kept suggesting white. then my sweet mother suggested yellow because that way we wouldn’t see the lint on it as much. then i thought a cream or white again would just be neutral and go with everything. then i wondered about gray. but really, my heart wanted blue.

SO. i decided to follow my heart. a blue tufted headboard it was to be.

diy tufted headboard_kimberly renee design

{btw, for those of you who guessed on my instagram: good job Lynn! hee hee}

first we measured about a million times. {good thing too, husbuddy still had to add a little foot to each post to make it tall enough lol}  did you know you could get your wood cut at Lowes? we just had all of our measurements and got the plywood and a couple 2x4s and had them cut right there! so easy so that 1) we could fit it in the car and 2) so we didn’t have to buy a saw and cut it ourselves!

so, step 1 of over-engineering this thing… we built a sturdy headboard. that is (2)2x4s as legs with a piece of plywood screwed in. we also planned (2)ex4s as horizontal supports at the top and bottom of the headboard. this thing is hefty!

frame2 frame

we had to do this project at night and during nap times so some of the pictures aren’t the best.


then we got padding at JoAnns. this was a little more expensive than we had anticipated. but since we’d been saving my birthday money for a couple of years, we went for the 4 inch foam. we glued it on and then wrapped the batting around it.

foam on frame batting

then the fun part started! {excuse the mess in our guest room!} i got the fabric from a pair of ikea curtains. the way i figured it, i wanted blue velvet and to buy it by the yard was a prettttyyyy penny. but to buy two 89″ long curtains was about the cost of 1.5 yards! so it was a deal!

fabric layout

we didn’t get a good picture of us “tufting”. let’s just say that this is where we TOTALLY CHEATED. and it was the 2nd step of over-engineering. instead of using the buttons as the tufting agents,{like you’d see in a normal tutorial like the one above} we used nuts and bolts and washers. yup. we just screwed those suckers in! this way we didn’t have to fuss with the upholstery thread going through 4″ of foam and plywood and depending on the thread to do the work. we are just letting the screws do the work.


{this was totally husbuddy’s idea btw. i think it was brilliant because we weren’t sure how to get the tread to stay once you pulled the buttons and tufting on. lots of people just stappled the heck out of it on the back of the plywood in their tutorials but husbuddy thought this would be more secure} 

basically, those tufts aren’t going anywhere!

then we stapled the fabric around the back. then i went and took this awkward picture:  headboard tufted

next step:  i “upholstered” the legs. basically, i just wrapped the 2x4s with fabric. genius? i know.

upholster legs

the next step was installing it on the wall. this step is called: over-engineering part 3 

over engineering overengineering

we screwed the horizontal 2xs onto the wall into the studs. then we fit the headboard over those and attached the headboard to those 2xs. see, husbuddy was worried about just hanging the headboard like a picture {the way normal people do…}on our plaster/uneven walls. let’s just say, this thing is on there goooooood. we only covered the top horizontal piece with fabric because that is the only one you can touch when the bed is pushed in. it actually creates a nice little shelf about the bed.

engineer screwing it in

obligatory picture of my handsome husbuddy screwing in the headboard. he’s my super engineer mind behind the whole thing. {please note, he even was brilliant enough to account for the face that our baseboard sticks out 1/2 inch! good job hun! in my dazed-sleep-deprived state i totally didn’t think of that!} 

headboard attached to bed frame

then we attached our bed frame to the legs. people, this is the first time IN YEARS that we’ve had a real headboard! yay!!!

then we glued the fabric covered buttons on top of the nuts and bolts!

headboard side view


i love it. i love that it’s a pretty teal blue. i love that it’s tufted. i love that it’s velvet. i am SO glad that we finally made my dream for a headboard come true!

{please note, we do not have any semblance of matching bed-sheets yet…we’re working on it! ha one thing at a time!} but i did make some quick pillow covers from the fabric that matches our drapes! woot woot! really, i just did it because i was going to be photographing our bed and i wanted it to look semi-put-together.

headboard complete

and puppycakes approves. phew. we were worried about him.

ok…maybe not. he just insisted on getting in my shot.

next up: side tables!

so have any of you ever made a headboard? did you tuft it the correct way? or how did you hang it? did you “over-engineer” any part of it?!  i’d LOVE to hear!!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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framing an old dress {nursery DIY}


well, don’t say i didn’t warn you. this is a cheater’s guide. not a real-professional-or endorsed guide on how to do this AT ALL. this is how i did it. i know it’s temporary so i didn’t worry about it.

why is it temporary you say?


  1. i had a limited budget…i think to do this right, i’d want a shadow box with glass to keep the dress safe.
  2. this dress is too beautifully vintage to be hanging so close to baby’s hands for too long.
  3. i plan to use this frame for other things as baby girl grows older

so there ya go.

cheaters guide for cheap and easy… ha!


i started with a $2 frame from the Re-Store. have y’all found a Re-Store in your area?? GOLD MINE, i tell ya!! i do find you have to visit it frequently because items change so fast and what may be a “gold-mine” type day one day will be a “womp-womp” type day the next. but it’s a great place to look for used items…when i bought this there was a pile of frames and old pictures just sitting in a corner without a price on it. i asked how much they were and she said 2$ a piece! eek! i bought as many as i could!

laying out dress

in my head i had this vision of a dress hanging. i wish i had the other little bootie. that’s the only thing i’d change.

painting frame

then i painted the frame bright pink. yay! since baby girl’s room is turquoise, i’ve tried to limit the amount of pink to bright splashes here or there. it was easy to paint and i didn’t worry about it being perfect. i figure this too will change with time.

dress background

then, (this is the part i forgot to photograph) i taped fabric onto a piece of cardboard that would fit in the frame. YUP. you read that right. tape + cardboard.

i wanted to keep it light. and reusable.

and i wanted to be able to pin the items on so i didn’t ruin them in any way.

so, that’s a piece of cardboard with fabric wrapped and taped on the back. i guess i could take a picture of the back, but i’m too lazy at the moment (call that too lazy to get this prego belly up off this chair! lol) 

framed dress

you can see all the baby diaper pins- but those are just for show. behind the top layer of each piece are ten more safety pins holding the clothing in place. again, we’ll see how long this lasts… but for now, it’s really cute and goes with my vintage theme. it’s a little memorial of Husbuddy’s grandmother and i love that we have her little outfit.  and, as you can tell, with the low ceilings in this room, there wasn’t much room to hang the dress higher,  so it may not last more then a month or two over the dresser/changing table. oh well! life will go on and the room will be in constant change… i’m a designer, remember? i live for the change. lol

framed dress

thanks for putting up with this designer who is constantly “cheating” and changing everything. it will just continue… i promise.

in other news… if this has posted and there hasn’t been a post about baby girl’s arrival… you could all pray that she come soon!!!!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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a vintage ornament


my mother in law shared some sweet vintage clothing for baby girl’s nursery. she has a bunch of stuff that was saved from her mom. it’s pretty amazing that she still had it! anyway, one of the things that she gave me were a cute sock+mittens set that her mom wore. i didn’t think baby girl should be wearing them, so i suggested dividing them up and each creating a Christmas ornament out of them!

hence, this post.

it took me a while to figure out how to hang them. i could have just attached a wire and called it good. it still would have been cute. but i wanted to play up the girly-ness of it and the vintage-ness. so…i added ribbon.

made perfect sense to me.

ribbons seem vintage to me. and so do bows. big bows. so cute and vintage!

anyway. here’s how i did what i did.

vintage mittens and socks

start with the pair. it might have been a little cuter to have both the same-either sock or mittens- but this is how we split it up.

make bows

make the bows. i used left over ribbon from my baby showers. i thought it was kind of cute to connect baby girl with her great grandma!

hanging ribbon

find another ribbon that will work as a hanger.

sew on hanger

tie a knot at the each end and sew the hanger into the mitten and sock. i used the knot to give me something to sew into. and since i’m sewing everything instead of gluing, i can always cut the thread and start over if i decide i don’t like the look of this one day.

sew on bow

sew the bow on the back of the mitten. sew through the knot so the bow will stay situated.

vintage cuteness

cute, yes? now do the same thing to the other sock/mitten on the other end of the hanger ribbon.

finished ornament

and then you get this.

deck the halls

which is super easy to hang. just loop over a branch!

there ya go. how is that for a super easy and vintage project? i’m sure there are a million better ways to do this. but i like the sweetness hanging on my tree for now.

wouldn’t it be fun to see how my mother-in-law hung her half? i think we should all bang on her door and demand she show us a picture of hers too. lol. hee hee. ok…maybe not the banging part. we could always start with christmas carols and try to sweet talk her into sharing.

if you didn’t have vintage items, i also think this would be a cute way to save some of your own baby’s darling mittens or socks… how cute would it be to be hanging little baby girl’s socks on the tree when she is 18? just saying… hee hee.

xoxo-kimberly renee



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a baby book {DIY}

so…i’ve spent the last 6 months looking for a good baby book.
i finally gave up.
they were either WAY over my price range or too … i don’t know… silly. baby-gibberish-barnyard animal-type stuff.

so i decided to make my own! it took a couple hours one night. but that’s it. super easy y’all! so here is a little tutorial so you can make your own, if you so desire.

how to diy babybook

i saw that YHL made theirs so i knew that i could make mine. oh young house love, giving such confidence to the rest of us. when they made theirs, they typed a bunch of pages on WORD and have downloadable versions and even have downloadable pdfs if you’d like to go that route. but i didn’t want it to be that constrained and i didn’t like the word-processed look. i wanted my own thing and i wanted it to be pretty. aka… i decided to make an art project out of it.



  •  8×8 scrapbook from michaels {40% off holla!}
  • a refill package so that i had 20 pages(40 really when you count front and back) total
  • decorative insertable cards, like these from project life Baby edition:  {SO-if you do project life– i imagine it would be a lot easier to use their set up of just sticking it in the sleeves! but this was my first time trying it out… i have to say it was SO much fun to have little pre-made cards with fun words and colors!}
  • scissors, stamps, stickers, glue dots, pretty paper…whatever else i already had and whatever else you need to put your album together the way you want.


this picture of the project-life cards pretty much sums up how awesome they are! so.much.fun. i ended up only spending about 20$ total on all my supplies because of the michael’s coupons and sales going on. that’s WAY cheaper than any book i found online or in a store and i love that it is so much more personal.

how to do it:

first i cut out pretty paper to put in every sleeve. there is no perfect way to do this and i use a different pattern on each page. i’m pretty sure the graphic-design police would arrest me… but oh well. i still think it’s cute.

i made a list of how i wanted the book laid out. here’s how it went:

  1. baby name + footprints
  2. announcement pics/ultra sound
  3. baby bump photos
  4. showers and predictions
  5. hospital pics and info
  6. birth announcement and more characteristics
  7. welcome home/meeting puppcakes
  8. first time(s)
  9. (12 pages total) month by month
  10. 1st year photo

then i added a couple of cards to each page. some of them i taped on, some i just stuck in the sleeves loose to tape on when i actually have a picture to lay out in there.

here’s the first page. why yes, sweet Miss A (my sister who hates surprises is dying for me to tell her baby girl’s name) i blurred out her name! lol.


as you can see, i just have a little sticky note in place where i want the footprints. i am bringing one of the larger decorative cards to get her footprints at the hospital. then, when i get home, i can just tape it in the book!


i ordered copies of some of my photos from the past nine months. like this one where we announced we were prego and this one when we announced we were having a girl. i’ll paste them in here when i get them. you can also see that some of the cards are just floating in the plastic sleeves. i figure when i get all the pictures, i can tape them down how i want to. i don’t have to do it all right now.


our predictions page. {we better make some of those predictions! it could be too late soon! lol}


a hospital page with room for photos.


more baby info page. and hopefully i get around to making a birth announcement sometime in January… we’ll see!


a page for firsts… with room for some pictures.


here’s a close up for the month by month cards. this is probably the part that took the longest. i didn’t do much else for these pages but i wanted them all to have a stamped title.

month example

so i taped down the title in the corner of each page and then threw in some decorative cards…again, to be organized when i get the pictures printed. i also have a big card for each month where i  plan to write important things about that month like, a funny thing she did, what she likes, how much she weighs, etc.

month example2

and that’s it! super easy! {especially with the decorative cards!} and i think i love that it’s a little LOT more personal then anything i could have bought for her.

so have any of you ever made a baby book? i’m thinking this would be a pretty awesome gift for other expectant mothers… what do you think?

xoxo-kimberly renee

{ps, i was not paid or solicited to talk about project life. i just wanted to try it out and share it with you guys!} 


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how to make a {totally imperfect} pine-cone wreath

so, today i have another wreath tutorial for you. funny, that when i want to avoid actually working on something on my to-do list, i make wreaths. it makes me happy though! what can i say?!

how to make a {totally imperfect} pinecone wreath

at first i wasn’t going to share this because i was afraid it was rather ugly. but really, it’s just TOTALLY imperfect, and i kind of love its imperfectness. it makes me smile. and when we walk through the front door, both Husbuddy and i smile. i’ll get to why.

cheater pine cones

has anyone else noticed stores selling cinnamon scented pine-cones at the grocery stores and Michaels? i guess it’s a total waste of money for those of you that can just walk outside and get a big pile of pine-cones from your yard. but for those of us who don’t have any pine trees near by… it’s pretty fun to get cinnamon scented ones! i got these when Michaels was having their black-friday half off sale. yay! {YES, i’m crazy for going to michaels on black friday. but luckily it was late in the afternoon so there really weren’t that many people there}


  • pinecones {i used 2 bags because a lot of the pine-cones were broken}  if you’re scavaging in the wild{of your backyard} i’d say have 24 or so of various sizes to choose from.
  • cardboard form {just cut out from a cardboard box, as explained how to make here}
  • hot glue
  • wire
  • burlap fabric for bow/hanger

wreath base- cardboard

i started this like i did my yarn wreath. just traced a bowl within a larger bowl to cut out card board circle. so cheap and easy, thank you very much. that’s what we’re going for here.

i was going to lay out the pine-cones perfectly to see where i wanted them…but soon abandoned that idea and just started with the big ones and placed the smaller ones around them.

i just started attaching my pine-cones with wire and hot glue. big ones first.

attaching pinecones


i was just going to hot glue, but thought it could be a little more secure with a little wrapped wire on the big ones.

back of first pinecone


i just wrapped and twisted. totally imperfect.

gluing small cones on

then i just used hot glue on the smaller ones. i squeezed them next to the big ones so that the little prickly pieces could kind of hold on to each other. does that even make sense? it did in my head at the time… ha.

half way

this is what it looked like half way done. i kind of just made it up as i went. but thought it would help the look to have some on their side or upside down. i think the bottoms are the prettiest part of the pine-cones anyway…is that weird?

i don’t mind seeing the cardboard behind the pinecones. if that bothers you, you may want to try to do this with a wire wreath form. but i was going for cheap cheap cheap, remember? and i was ok with TOTALLY imperfect! hee hee. at this point though, i thought it was looking pretty ugly.

back half way

this is what the back looked like half way through. see, i didn’t wire every pine-cone. just the big ones. and you can see, i got hot glue everywhere!

fun times.

finished wreath

when i had the pine-cones placed the way i wanted, i just added a wide strip of burlap for the hanger/bow. {to hang it at the top without having it twist, i used a little wire loop} as you can tell, you can’t really see the cardboard in between the pine-cones anyway. unless you get up really close. it doesn’t bother me at all that it’s TOTALLY imperfect.

i hung it on our front door, in between the screen door. i love that because it’s an enclosed space, it saves the cinnamon smell for when we come home. this is what makes us smile. LOVE it.

so there ya go, friends! now you too can make a TOTALLY imperfect pine-cone wreath that will make you smile with its quirkyness and smellyness. hee hee. enjoy!

xoxo-kimberly renee




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attitude of gratitude {diy thanksgiving tree}

it’s still thanksgiving people! it’s not Christmas yet!  i had talked about slowing down and being thankful in this post. does that mean i’ve slowed down at all? it’s been a crazy month!


on top of all the craziness, we are having a lot of guests this week. i LOVE having guests and i’m so excited! {a couple of them even were here already this weekend! it’s been SO fun!}  i thought it’d be fun to start a new “tradition” in our new house. i got this idea from Jones Design Company. but mine is not as fancy as hers is. i think it’s still cute though.

first i cut out a bunch of leaves from crinkly brown paper. {thanks amazon and buybuybaby for all the free paper from packages!}

cut out leaves

then i punched holes in the leaves and wrote a little instructions card.


i got out some ribbon and made wrote a couple of things i’m thankful for on a couple of leaves.

leaf close up

the thankfuls can be big or small. big like having a new house and having family and friends come visit! or small like little kicks from baby girl.

Thanksgiving tree

i have a few gathered branches that i use for decoration, so i stuck them in a vase and then i tied the leaves to the “tree” branches”

now on our dining room table, i have a little supply basket with directions so that guests can fill up the thanksgiving tree with all the things they are thankful for! i hope this becomes a fun tradition for years to come with family.

supplies basket

having it out and available for everyone to think of something they are thankful for seems like a fun practice. and keeps us in the ‘attitude of gratitude’. hee hee.

leaf close up2

we’ll see how many leaves we actually get on this “tree”! no matter what, it was a fun little exercise for me and every time i see it, it’s a reminder to be thankful. so i hope it will be fun for our guests!

Thanksgiving tree

and it’s super easy! so i hope it inspires you to create an “attitude of gratitude” in your homes as well!

xoxo-kimberly renee
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how to make a custom verse sign {tutorial}

how to make a custom verse sign

 so some of you may remember my little project for our church over the summer. i made a bunch of these verse signs in an effort to make money for our church’s sister church in Russia. {you can see this post here}.

i am just finishing up the last few orders for the summer and then i’m going to take a big long break from making word signs. {ya, we’ll see how long that lasts}


we gave the sample board to my brother in law when he came to visit a couple of weeks ago. doesn’t it look awesome in his room next to some of his other art?

anyway, i have had quite a few compliments on them and i wanted to share with you how you can make your own!


  • wood boards cut to size. {mine were 18×24 and 24×24…rather large!}  also-the helpful guy at home depot said i could just buy a portion of the 4×8 foot board if i wanted, but i was going to make a lot, so i needed it all. but if you only wanted to make one or two, i bet you could just by half or a third of the board!
  • primer
  • word program or photoshop
  • printer
  • modge podge or glue
  • contact paper
  • scissors/exacto knife and pencil
  • paint {white and color}
  • hanging wire
  • lots of time {!} i’m serious, each one takes me 2-4 hours.

first things first… here are all my boards and primer in the back of my car! i bought  1/4″ mdf and then had the guys at home depot cut it down to size. easy peasy.



step 1:

prime your boards.

while they are drying,  next you need to type up your verse. i used photoshop to make a full size version of my posters. that means that each image in photoshop was already 18×24. i’m pretty sure you can do this in word or most other programs as well. this helps you get the spacing right. it also allows you to make the “stickers” as you see in the next step.

**note: the simpler the font you use, the easier it will be to cut out…as you can tell some of my earlier signs used a serif font…made my partner in crime{aka, Husbuddy} a little crazy! so we simplified and still loved the results. 


then, the most important thing: save it as a pdf and then print as a poster. {unless you have access to a plotter or something to print full size 18×24 sheets of paper. but most of us don’t have one of those handy things at home… someday i might in my own architecture office…but until then, this is what i do.}

this is how to print as a poster from adobe:

how to print


step 2:

take your printed sheets and tape them together.

when you have your template ready, modge podge or glue your template to the contact paper. this is how we make “stickers” of our custom verse. {i guess you could also go buy a pack of premade stickers from the store and just stick them to your board but it would be hard to find the right size and it would get way more expensive!}

putting together poster

step 3:

draw guidelines on your board for each line of words from your template.

cut out every letter. the tedious part. oi. {helpful hint, do this while watching your favorite tv show…}

stick it on the board. {rub each letter with the back of the knife or something to really get it to stick!} sometimes the printed paper falls off the contact paper. that’s ok, you only need the contact paper anyway.

pasting letters combined

step 4:

get out your paint and marvel at how easy it is to paint over the letters!  paint 2 coats minimum.

{sorry for the grainy pic guys…it was late at night and in an effort to get up really close, it grainified!…is that a word? nope. well, it is now.}


step 5:

once you have the color and peel off the letters while paint is still slightly wet.

pulling up words

as you can see, sometimes a little bit of your color paint gets under the stickers. it’s ok! don’t freak out! but look at how easy it will be now to just go over each letter with a new coat of white paint!

{sorry again for the grainy picture, i took it while working hard late at night} 

letters up close combined


step 6:

use a small brush and paint over the white letters to clean up all the edges. it’s ok if your hand isn’t perfectly steady or if you mess up. these are handmade, works of art that are bringing to life scripture in an unique way! finished painting

step 7:

after it has dried over night {so you don’t smear the paint} sand the piece! there were times i was tempted to leave it nice and crisp, but sanding it took away all the imperfections, the way you could feel the letters raised from the white paint and smoothed the board. it also gives it a more finished feel.

tada! you’re done! it’s probably not perfect. but neither is life. hee hee. i kinda love that scripture can speak to us even when we’re not perfect.

i hope you guys do this project too! !

combined closeup

now i’m off to finish a few more of these babies.

let me know if you have any questions and i’d LOVE to hear what verse you would pick if/when you make your own!

xo-kimberly renee

PS-the giveaway is still open until tomorrow at noon! go subscribe on the right of this post to automatically be entered to win!! 

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