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a vintage ornament


my mother in law shared some sweet vintage clothing for baby girl’s nursery. she has a bunch of stuff that was saved from her mom. it’s pretty amazing that she still had it! anyway, one of the things that she gave me were a cute sock+mittens set that her mom wore. i didn’t think baby girl should be wearing them, so i suggested dividing them up and each creating a Christmas ornament out of them!

hence, this post.

it took me a while to figure out how to hang them. i could have just attached a wire and called it good. it still would have been cute. but i wanted to play up the girly-ness of it and the vintage-ness. so…i added ribbon.

made perfect sense to me.

ribbons seem vintage to me. and so do bows. big bows. so cute and vintage!

anyway. here’s how i did what i did.

vintage mittens and socks

start with the pair. it might have been a little cuter to have both the same-either sock or mittens- but this is how we split it up.

make bows

make the bows. i used left over ribbon from my baby showers. i thought it was kind of cute to connect baby girl with her great grandma!

hanging ribbon

find another ribbon that will work as a hanger.

sew on hanger

tie a knot at the each end and sew the hanger into the mitten and sock. i used the knot to give me something to sew into. and since i’m sewing everything instead of gluing, i can always cut the thread and start over if i decide i don’t like the look of this one day.

sew on bow

sew the bow on the back of the mitten. sew through the knot so the bow will stay situated.

vintage cuteness

cute, yes? now do the same thing to the other sock/mitten on the other end of the hanger ribbon.

finished ornament

and then you get this.

deck the halls

which is super easy to hang. just loop over a branch!

there ya go. how is that for a super easy and vintage project? i’m sure there are a million better ways to do this. but i like the sweetness hanging on my tree for now.

wouldn’t it be fun to see how my mother-in-law hung her half? i think we should all bang on her door and demand she show us a picture of hers too. lol. hee hee. ok…maybe not the banging part. we could always start with christmas carols and try to sweet talk her into sharing.

if you didn’t have vintage items, i also think this would be a cute way to save some of your own baby’s darling mittens or socks… how cute would it be to be hanging little baby girl’s socks on the tree when she is 18? just saying… hee hee.

xoxo-kimberly renee



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