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a nice day for a walk

I love going for a nice walk on a beautiful day!
we tried to do that yesterday. it ended short because there was little girl who kept holding her breath {and freaking out} whenever a gust of wind came by… and it was a windy day. so we turned around after a block to just sit on our steps next to the daffodils and watch the buggies go by.

i can laugh at how scary it is when a little bit of wind causes my sweet daughter to hold her breath and freak out. I can try to tell her just to keep breathing and relax, she’ll get used to the wind and she really will enjoy the fresh air and the walk! for some reason she doesn’t believe me yet… Haha.
but it also makes me think… how often do I freak out when little gusts of wind in life take my breath away? i believe that God has it all under control but i don’t really trust HIM so I hold my breath (basically I just try to deal with the circumstance by myself). we laugh at a little baby holding her breath because the wind is scary or different … but don’t we do the exact same thing?

we are all God’s children and He will walk with us on the beautiful days as well as the windy, rainy, or ugly days.


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walking in a winter wonderland


the other day it snowed. it was beautiful. and today it’s supposed to snow again! so, in honor of today’s storm, i thought i’d share some of my photos from our little walk in a winter wonderland {aka-around our neighborhood} house

our house looks so cute under a small layer of snow. they say it’s going to be a big winter of snow here, so i’m sure there will be plenty of pictures like this one to share!lines

this is me loving the architectural lines.



puppycakes was wondering why in the world we’d pause his walk for a silly picture.the grin

because all he wanted to do was frolick in the snow. i love his silly grin in this one! beard face

and of course, beard face.

colors of snow

the farm at the end of our road was just gorgeous under a layer of snow and in the setting sunlight.   hill top

and we may have trespassed…just to get a good view.farm view

that is the Conestoga River right at the bottom of the hill. and such a pretty Amish farm!

the ears

and the ears, they crack me up!


always the grin.


and i didn’t get any photos of me busting out of my jacket…besides a little hand holding shadows. i love holding hands with this man of mine!  snow

snow just makes this Colorado girl happy. sunlight

especially when it’s covered in beautiful sunlight.

narnia lamp

and as end our walk, we smile at what we affectionately call, our “Narnia lamp post”.  it can’t just be a lamp post. it has to be the Narnia lamp post. hee hee. yay for a snow-filled walk!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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sometimes it takes a little perspective to remember.

to remember God’s goodness.

to remember His promises.

to remember that you’re here for a reason. Photo Mar 02, 9 17 29 AM

this weekend, that perspective came from a short walk along the Atlantic ocean.  Photo Mar 02, 9 17 34 AM

winter can be dreary and dark. but going for a walk, getting fresh air, seeing the sun out, hearing the waves crash… all these things are good for the soul.  Photo Mar 02, 9 21 22 AM

to remember that life is good. that God is good. and that He is working. sometimes i just have to take a little walk to remember that.  Photo Mar 02, 9 21 25 AM oh  how easily i forget,

“… what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.” Eph. 3:18-19 {emphasis mine}


remembering  how big, how long, how high and how deep God IS–  is so important. i have to remember that to be  FILLED with the FULLNESS of God.

sometimes all it takes is a walk to remember.


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