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sketch for tuesday {#53}

sketch for tuesday {#53}

today’s sketch uses only 5 colors:
pencil, blush, true blue, raw umber, and sepia

it’s kind of fun to limit yourself!

i can’t get this image out of my head. maybe since i saw a beautiful painting last summer in Martha’s Vineyard… here’s the original that i LOVED. it’s so beautiful, don’tcha think?!

but since the image is stuck in my head, i want to do my own version/painting of it… so let’s just count this as one of the many rough drafts i’ll have to do. 🙂

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sketch for tuesday {# 50}

today’s sketch comes straight to you from an architectural study…

we compared this front facade of a concrete wall. the existing house is all concrete on this elevation and windows towards the back. we are adding a little sunroom which is ALL windows except this little concrete wall which has the bathroom and bar behind it.

so which do you prefer?

a. upper windows:sketch_a

b. no upper windows:

i’d love to hear your opinion!

xo-kimberly renee

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sketch for tuesday {#49}

today’s sketches come from my class doodles.doodles

yup. i’m taking a class again! ok… auditing one from husbuddy’s seminary. still. it’s really fun! it’s on Deitrich Bonhoeffer. so the class is proving to be fascinating!doodles2and i promise, doodles help me to focus and pay attention! 🙂


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sketch for tuesday {#45}

today’s sketch is inspired by the popular obsession of Downton Abbey.

seriously, who hasn’t fallen in love with this series? i loved the special on Highclere Castle that showed before Sunday night’s Season 3 premier.  such a pretty place!
highclere sketchthis 10 min sketch does not compare to the real image at all, but i was inspired and wanted to share. i should obviously find more time to spend on my sketches though so i stop making them so rough. eh. maybe next time. 🙂

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sketch for tuesday {#44}

a day late.


that’s because yesterday all i could do was chicken scratch::


i was trying to do a rendering of my office. i thought it might be a nice xmas gift for my bosses. so  today i was able to get a little more out of it:


then added some color.


welcome to my office 🙂


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sketch for tuesday {#41}

yup… running a little behind if i’m going to do 52 by the end of the year… oh well!

for today’s sketch-yet more trace paper and architecture. what can i say? i love seeing pretty architecture and i love playing on trace paper. 🙂

i’m totally in love with this image. i love all the roundy-ness going on. yup. real architecture-speak.

ummmm ya. nope, not really. i’m pretty sure my diploma would be revoked if i said that out loud. i also love the lanterns on either side of the windows. and the view that i can imagine the round room has. awe man. it just looks so fun! i added/changed a few things from the original… just for some more fun.

had any fun with trace paper recently?

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sketch for tuesday {#34}

whew! it’s been one of those days where you come back to work from vacation and you wish you could go back to vacation just to catch up from your vacation.

yes that was all one sentence.

oh man. so tonight i tried to take a chill pill and sketch from one of my vacation pictures. to pretend i was there again and try to catch up on some of that rest. this is a gate is from a beautiful place that i will plan on sharing with you soon. i thought  this gate was beautiful and inviting. some day, maybe, i can have a beautiful gate in my front entry, inviting people into my someday home!

for now i’ll pretend that i actually walked through the gate into an inviting home…{ instead of being a peeping tom-girl and just poking my head over the gate and staring with jaw dropped… hee hee}

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