Sometimes we just need to make a list to remind ourselves of how blessed we are and how happy life really is through all the small things. To get out of a rut of self-doubt and self-pity, sometimes all it takes is a list 🙂

Things I’m thankful for right now:

    • a warm comfy bed. {which i’m neglecting…}
    • a loving puppy. who’s tongue just comes out when he’s feeling lovey-dovey. which is: all. the. time.
    • chai tea. lattes or straight-up-black. either one=yum. {except from this place called smallworld in downtown princeton. um. their chai tea is like drinking a pepper shaker. no joke! besides that. i love ’em.
    • drawing/painting/rendering until it is too late at night…
    • a sweet phone call to a dear friend. {i’m so bad at talking on the phone! but i love it when i do actually get some good girl time with a dear long lost friend :)}
    • a good book that i can’t wait to get back into.
    • pretty houses that need to be fixed up = work 🙂
    • a couch to sit on!
    • good morning walks. love seeing the sun rise!
    • a thoughtful husbuddy. -he rented Eat, Pray, Love for “us” tonight. then thought it was way too slow so he had to go play computer games to not be totally bored. 🙂 did not complain one bit, though. so sweet.
    • warm slippers.
    • a worn in rug. 🙂 it means we’ve been living on it! {and maybe the puppy has been trying to dig through it… but shh. don’t tell me that.}
    • christmas lights.
    • anticipation for seeing family in a month!
    • appreciation emails. encouragement from that stranger that let’s you know you are doing what you’re supposed to. {my husbuddy got one today from someone from church, it blew us away to see God’s work :)}
    • a nice text
    • gift planning! i love coming up with that special thing for that special person and making it into a pretty gift
    • rendering markers… they’re getting a work out!
    • a long weekend! sigh… {did you know that the United States has the fewest holidays? we work too hard…that’s another topic though}
    • a smile.

well. there ya go. i’m going to bed one happy, thankful girl tonight! what about you? 


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