attitude of gratitude {diy thanksgiving tree}

it’s still thanksgiving people! it’s not Christmas yet!  i had talked about slowing down and being thankful in this post. does that mean i’ve slowed down at all? it’s been a crazy month!


on top of all the craziness, we are having a lot of guests this week. i LOVE having guests and i’m so excited! {a couple of them even were here already this weekend! it’s been SO fun!}  i thought it’d be fun to start a new “tradition” in our new house. i got this idea from Jones Design Company. but mine is not as fancy as hers is. i think it’s still cute though.

first i cut out a bunch of leaves from crinkly brown paper. {thanks amazon and buybuybaby for all the free paper from packages!}

cut out leaves

then i punched holes in the leaves and wrote a little instructions card.


i got out some ribbon and made wrote a couple of things i’m thankful for on a couple of leaves.

leaf close up

the thankfuls can be big or small. big like having a new house and having family and friends come visit! or small like little kicks from baby girl.

Thanksgiving tree

i have a few gathered branches that i use for decoration, so i stuck them in a vase and then i tied the leaves to the “tree” branches”

now on our dining room table, i have a little supply basket with directions so that guests can fill up the thanksgiving tree with all the things they are thankful for! i hope this becomes a fun tradition for years to come with family.

supplies basket

having it out and available for everyone to think of something they are thankful for seems like a fun practice. and keeps us in the ‘attitude of gratitude’. hee hee.

leaf close up2

we’ll see how many leaves we actually get on this “tree”! no matter what, it was a fun little exercise for me and every time i see it, it’s a reminder to be thankful. so i hope it will be fun for our guests!

Thanksgiving tree

and it’s super easy! so i hope it inspires you to create an “attitude of gratitude” in your homes as well!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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