the box… finally.

yay! we were able to make our boxes yesterday! last week we went to the Paper Source and picked out the prettiest paper we could find in order to make really cool- book bound- boxes. i was so excited that my dear friend Jenna invited me to do it with her!  these little boxes are so cute- check it out! we traced and cut out the cardboard, glued it all together, (it totally reminded me of the million of models i made in school) then glued the book binding paper and the the pretty paper all in place. and voila! 🙂

i don’t have many pictures, but here is what i do have:)


Jenna making her pretty butterfly box!


Charlie watching us, trying to figure out why we're ignoring his ball.

 Charlie is Sammie’s best friend. It’s so funny, when we say to Sammie, “you want to go see CHARLIE?” he knows exactly where we’re going and drags us the whole way there. he loves his charlie! 🙂 so Charlie was pretty bummed when I came to make boxes and didn’t bring Sammie and didn’t play with his ball much.

box! 003

the beginnings of my little creation

 more like toward the end of the process. we forgot to take pictures.

box! 008

the inside

 it folds open just like a book! it was so fun!

box! 010

the top

also, some of you know we’ve had a sick puppy the past few days. he’s been throwing up and all sorts of fun!
🙁 so sad. here are some pictures of him feeling better.
box! 006

the puppy with his zebra head

 (the head is just the perfect size, that’s why he ripped it off the body and now just carries that around. it’s from his grandma, it’s his second favorite toy, next to the carrot from his other grandma. haha)

what are you doing?

"what are you doing?"

box! 016

"leave me alone, i'm enjoying the chair"

again, i'm pretending to ignore you

again, he's pretending to ignore me

 he loves just watching all the kids in our little quad. he wants to play with them every time we go outside!

box! 020

watching for daddy to come home

box! 021

look how healthy he looks! all better!

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  1. Pamela Holderman November 16, 2009 at 12:23 am #

    Zoe is really bummed that she does not get to meet him at Christmas. Drat she says.


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