the graduation gift

for Husbuddy’s graduation (for pictures of the graduation part you can click HERE) i gave Husbuddy tickets to see the Red Sox play the Yankees last Sunday.

Can you tell he’s a Sox fan?  he got a lot of flack for it when we were in Jersey- you know, Yankee country. {i guess they’re pretty big rivals?} now that we’re here, he’s pretty happy to be in this part of the country for his beloved Red Sox. 🙂

He told me this was the best gift ever! haha. ok,  maybe he hinted that he’d love tickets to Fenway, so i did not come up with the idea by myself. but since we were moving up this way i decided that they would be the perfect gift.

and i’m so glad we went for it because it was so much fun! it was so great to see that smile on that boy’s face all night long.

the game was totally sold out so it was a super exciting atmosphere!

i’m pretty proud that i caught that picture of one the players(give me a break, i have no idea who.) stealing second. 🙂

and the sky was amazing. yup, i was totally paying attention to every detail of the game, i promise.

and Husbuddy caught this. he was pretty proud of catching the ball flying. oh, you don’t see it?

see it now? it’s that blur right there. and darn hard to see at this size… sorry. haha

it was such a fun night! i’m sure if he had his every wish, we’d have season tickets or something. sorry, sweetheart, one night this summer is just about right…. Go Sox!

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  1. Jennifer July 14, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    i think it’s so neat that you are in the northeast kimberly!! i’m loving your latest posts; we aren’t that far away. 🙂 erick would LOVE to go to a Redsox game; hoping we can do that soon! so glad you had fun (and that sky WAS gorgeous!!) 🙂

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