the lil’ Stinker.

Here is a little story of the life of Samwise Calvin.

Please note: This is just a snippit, snapshot, you know, tiny little piece of his life story. It does not… repeat… does not encompass all that is his little life.

He wanted you to know that.

“mommy can we play?”

i guess. but only if i can take lots of pictures of you.

he loves this toy. you can’t tell… but that ugly blue thing used to be a sheep!

the sheep had a brother elephant and monkey, but for some reason since they weren’t  sheep… they got destroyed.

this one somehow has managed to survive…


“tug of war is the best”

“how can you want to do anything but play with me?”

i just don’t know with those sweet eyes puppycakes…

“i could play all day… and as you can see daddy is ignoring me… so i have to play with  YOU!

yes dearest. thanks for ignoring the dog… all day long…hee hee.

“o wait. got an itch.”


“sure i’ll give you a paw… but kisses too….”

“don’t you know yet how much i love giving you kisses?”

yes pup. i have to use enough lotion to prove it.

that’s the insanly long tongue that never seems to stay in his mouth…he seriously loves to give kisses…

awe. good paw Samwise.

“you know… i’m not sure about this camera thing. it’s getting in the way of our playing.”

“stupid camera… ooo! tug of war…”

yes. that’s my camera string that is just way too fun to pull. drop it!

“well. this is honestly how i feel”

“well… if you say “trick”  for a “treat” i guess i can hang around a little longer…” good down!

good come! 🙂

ok. wait a minute i think we’re done mister. no bite.

ok. good kisses 🙂 i forgive you 🙂 who wouldn’t?!!

“wanna play with this one momma?”

and so it goes with dear little Samwise Calvin.

on and on and on…

daily… 🙂

0 Responses to the lil’ Stinker.

  1. Pam Holderman April 27, 2010 at 11:36 am #

    do you want to play today?

  2. Jenna Pannkuk April 27, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    these pictures are great- especially the one where samwise is pulling on your pant leg. oh and your toes look nice in that picture 😉

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