the tree outside my window

this has to be one of my favorite trees in all of beautiful, spring-filled, New Jersey:

it’s beautiful. i can’t come close to catching it’s beauty on the camera even though i’ve tried every single year.  i LOVE when it comes to life each spring.

our old downstairs neighbor said that he actually planted it back in the day. he brought it up from his mother’s house in Philadelphia from a little seedling. he said that his mother had saved this tree’s mother (is that what it’s called?) from her childhood home. he planted it without the seminary’s permission. he said this tree always reminded him of his mom. and of home. and he loved that everyone always comments on this tree.

lucky for me that he planted it, because i love this tree too.  every morning on the way to work, i smile at the gorgeousness. 🙂

and look at that, Sammie likes it too:

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