the weekend aunt mimi came

whew! auntie Mimi (Amy in Sophie speak) is a celebrity around here! all day every day we talk about visiting her. we pack a bag, throw it over our shoulder and say, “bye bye! Mimi!”(as in bye, i’m headed to Mimi’s house). haha. it was so fun having her and my new brother-in-law visit for the weekend last week!  so much love!

here are a few photos from our time together.

kisses kisses for Mimi all day every day! everyone loved that Mimi was there!

even puppycakes! haha.  auntie amy uncle couch time she loves her uncle “chis”  and definitly warmed up to him by the end of the trip with snuggles and hand holding. haha!   girls side  brunch dates are the best when that’s the sisters favorite. the boys would rather do dinner out but when we get together, brunch is a must. hee hee.  newlyweds oh they’re just so cute.   reading time and then there’s this ham. she LOVED having Mimi put her to bed, take her to the potty, hold her and play with her. i think Amy went home completely exhausted. bawhaha. oh man does she love her auntie!   three girls i know it’s not a great photo of me, but sophia was just too cute wanting to smile in a picture with us! gah.  family time

good times! i think the boys like commiserating their lot in life being married to us sisters. bawhaha. oh Amy and Chris, we miss you!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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