the weekly warzone

These are my war-shoes, people.

yes. i’m wearing these shoes just to go down to our apartment’s basement. just to do laundry. it’s my weekly ritual.

it’s that scary.

you may laugh at me for feeling the need to wear rain boots to do my laundry…but i don’t care. laugh!

just don’t say i didn’t warn you.

looks like your typical laundry room…albeit retrofitted whenever they decided that each building needed laundry machines.  {please excuse the lack of lighting down there… the pictures are pretty dark} notice the pipes… husbuddy has to duck down there or he hits his head! and he’s only 5′-11 3/4″! {he made me put the 3/4″ part in there. he’s almost 6′-0″}

oh, wait, let’s take a closer look at the machines… what? what’s behind those machine’s you ask? yes. very green and ugly and thick and growing … it’s mold.

eek. my critical architectural eye just pretends to be blind when i’m down here…in school we learned all about all the things to notice in a failing building… let’s just pretend I don’t know any of that…

i feel like i should hold my breath though as well since the mold is really very dangerous to our health.

let’s see how fast we can do laundry while holding our breath! it feel like a childhood game we played at the pool… but it’s real life.
at least we have a shelf that we can put our detergent on.

Yes. i’m very thankful for my little section of the shelf.

as we walk back up to our apartment i just want to point out a few things.

That little “elevated walkway” is supposed to help when the basement floods (which is about once a week) but I ask you, how a six foot long board can help us to keep our feet dry when on either side we have to step in water anyway??

see, told ya i warned you about wearing rain boots!

i would put a picture up here of the flooded basement… but really i just try to ignore at all costs that we even have a basement on those days… so i don’t dare go down there unless i have to.

ew. as you come to the end of the hallway you see more of the basement ecosystem.

it’s really thriving… maybe we should get a ecologist down here to explain to the world how many different life forms there are in this one ecosystem! it’s an amazing scientific discovery!

i’m sure that in some corners  there are living things that will actually jump out and grab me.

so i don’t go near those areas.

get me outta here!

phew. it’s not as bad up here, right? we’re safe on the first floor now. no flooding…

oh wait a minute for goodness sakes. there’s another completly different ecosystem growing right by the front door! eeek!!

just don’t breathe.

If i don’t breathe then the mold can’t effect me.

seems like the perfect solution to our predicament.

so i run up the second flight of stairs to homebase.

safe from the warzone right in my own building…

or am i?

i just won’t think about it.

if i don’t think about it, it isn’t there and then i don’t have to worry about it.

Seems like a perfectly intelligent way to handle situations in life. Don’tcha think?

Friends, these are the thoughts that haunt me every week while i do my laundry. I actually used to kind of like laundry… the smell of doing laundry…


enjoy your laundry for me this week, will ya? take a big sniff of all the fresh smells. smile as you laugh at the bliss of your situation. thanks. 🙂


love from the battle ground-kimberly renee

0 Responses to the weekly warzone

  1. Elizabeth May 15, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    Oh my goodness Kimmy! I am so sorry you have deal with that. 🙁 But think of it this way…it can only get better! 🙂 Love you!

  2. Sharon Estes May 15, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

    Tell JT those are some great pants… 🙂

  3. abby May 17, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    I recently watched “Holmes Inspection” on TLC and they had to deal with a house that had bad mold. They were talking about the dangers and all of that lovely stuff…I just pretended not to hear it…but secretly was like ewww, I know there is creepy ugly mold that I can’t see. We will get through this. I think denial is the only way.

  4. Pam Holderman May 19, 2011 at 12:38 am #

    Those new apartments are looking pretty good right now…

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