the yellow house with the pretty windows stole my heart {architecture post}

there’s a house in Princeton that still has my heart. it’s yellow and it has pretty windows.  it has about a million other beautiful characteristics to the house… it’s way too big and grand for me and i could never live there… but it still has my heart.

i remember when i first saw this house. i actually saw it on paper during my interview for the job way back in 2009. i even got to see the original plans from 1890. it looked beautiful and my mouth watered at the idea of getting to work on such a cool house!! i couldn’t believe such an amazing opportunity was placed before me.

and then i got to! i got to work for the company and i got to work on this project! {can you tell i’m excited about it?}  i really just drew what i was told and got to tag along on site visits…so i can’t take any credit for how beautiful it finished out, but i really got to be involved in the entire project. it was the first time in my career that i was able to be that involved. to see it from start to finish and get to see the construction all the way through. it was an awesome experience and i loved taking friends and family on site visits with me. Husbuddy loved hearing all about it too. {at least he humored me}

anyway, i remember talking in the office this spring about applying for this contest. it seemed like a good idea, but it was a little bit of extra work. and did we have time? we weren’t sure. luckily we had awesome photographs, we had our favorite marketing person write up the description, and for the day time shots and a couple of close ups, i got out my handy little camera and took a couple! 🙂

well, this summer we found out that Knight Architects won the Marvin Window Contest for the yellow house with pretty windows!  Go check it out!! 🙂


this photograph was my handiwork…(i don’t think i cropped it that much tho ;)…) but i’m so proud of it for being used in the contest!

the other evening and interior photographs were done by a local professional. he takes beautiful photos.

i’d say that the little bit of extra time that it took to apply for this contest was totally worth it for Knight Architects. I’m so proud of them and I’m so happy that they won!

and for some more free marketing for KA, if you’re in the Princeton NJ area this fall, you should totally check out the Historical Society of Princeton’s House Tour. it is awesome because the general public can walk through cool old houses, this one included. don’tcha want to see more of the inside? {remember when i blogged about the house tours here and here?} you should go! 

and you know what else is cool? i have a couple of their OLD -i think original- windows in my house now. 🙂 one person’s trash, another’s treasure, right?!  {please forgive the camera phone photo, but i just wanted to show you what it looks like in my new home! i’ll take better photos soon… maybe.}

i LOVE  old windows. i LOVE that these came from my favorite project and i know the history of  them. and i was so involved in their history.

i LOVE that we moved both of them(yup, i got 2!) safely from P-town to here {and hoping that it makes it into our more permanent location in the future so we can hang them}

and i LOVE that KA won this contest and got a little credit that they totally deserved.

there ya go. a whole post about how a historic, yellow house with pretty windows stole my heart.

xo-kimberly renee


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