things a 3 year old says

she turned 3 and life just won’t ever be the same.

i pull my hair out with this one most days. she’s the sweetest little trouble maker and disobey-er i know. i love her to pieces.

and she says the funniest things that i want to remember for always.

things like:

    • “Baby Cora (or some days Tora) wake up-ing?”
    • “i LOVE pink, Mom”
    • “i LOVE purple, mom”
    • “Reeeeely thirsty mom, time to go inside and drink applejuice.”
    • “having tea time, mama? can i have some hot cocclate?”
    • “marshamallomallows” you really just have to hear it for yourself:

  • “COW CUP!”
  • “poopaste” (for toothpaste. yes, she really does say that… the t must be hard lol)
  • “no! cocclate milk! no water!”
  • “i need my oils.” (because yes, i have taught my daughter that essential oils really do work lol)
  • “let me hold her! i hold baby Cora mom!” two seconds later as she tries to push her off, “all done now! right now!”
  • screaming from back seat, “you are song mom! you are! you are!” (the new song by  jj heller called The Well)and then as soon as i play that she wants “coffee in the morning! coffee in the morning!” over and over and over.  i finally had to take jj heller out of the cd player for my own sanity.
  • “GOSH, mom.” -um ok threenager.
  • “see ya later, mom! going to Nana’s!(or a trip! or vacation! or the beach!)” life must be pretty boring around here.
  •  “i sad. i miss daddy.”
  • “you’re my ffend”
  • “mom, and then?… and then? … then?” the girl wants the WHOLE plan man.
  • “watch somfing?” or “…nap time then i wake up and watch somfing.” -obsessed with being able to watch something. a movie or a show it doesn’t matter. she’s technically only allowed one “somfing” a day during the weekend… unless mama is loosing her mind.
  • “but mom, i luv you!” as she tries to get out of getting in trouble for getting up for the upteenth time after i’ve put her to bed. baby i love you too, more than i can handle right now because you’re so cute and and really you just need to go to bed!!


 i can’t stand it. the days feel so long sometimes but i can’t believe she’s 3.  she is so much fun and such a delight and such a treasure. i am SO blessed with her in my life. i know this and thank the Lord.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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2 Responses to things a 3 year old says

  1. Elise February 16, 2017 at 8:29 am #

    Hold the line on the TV- it’s hard and awful but it’ll pay off later. But if you’re losing your mind, do what you have to do. I used Signing Times videos with mine when they were young and I was losing my own mind. 🙂 You’re doing a great job.

  2. Susan Houck February 18, 2017 at 7:18 pm #

    These are beautiful photos Kim! She is adorable and I am sure she does give you a run for your money.

    Sherri and I used to console ourselves with the thought that our children were a handful because they were oober smart. Not sure that was true, but it helped at the time.

    I am convinced that 99% of motherhood is this huge feeling of guilt. Guilt for feeling anything but undying happiness when our toddler throws themselves prostate on the floor of the grocery store, and proceeds to kick and scream because we didn’t buy them the huge candy bar in isle 3, guilt for letting them sit in front of the t.v., sure we will ruin them for life if we allow them a minute over their allotted time, guilt for looking forward to nap-time and being relieved when they finally fall asleep at night.

    Parenthood is grueling and definitely not for the fainthearted! Thankfully we have the moments when they charm us like nothing else on this earth has the ability to do. When they take our face in their hands and tell us they “wuv” us, or when we see their chubby little cheeks when they sleep, looking like an angel. How only Mommy’s lap will do when their hearts or bodies are hurt or broken. I firmly believe God made kittens, puppies and toddlers cute, to help parents (or owners in the event of a pet) through the trying toddler years.

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