thinking about my mom on my first mother’s day

in honor of my mom on mother’s day i wanted to try something i’ve seen around the internet. i took a couple of old photos of my mom and me and tried to duplicate them with Sophia and me. what’s fun is that i’m the oldest so my mom was in the same place of life that i am right now when she was taking care of me!

i don’t think i’m as pretty as my mom was…and my baby photos are NOT as cute as miss Sophia’s! ha. but it was fun to try and i hope she likes the gift!  nana and kim2

from 1985. our dog Fred, me with my paci and my adorable mother.

copying mom and me2

2014: Sammie(aka puppycakes) would not sit up higher, Sophia would not take her paci {and wouldn’t look at daddy with the camera} and me.

copying mom and me outtake

outtake: puppycakes yawns and Sophia is about to fall asleep and i have a hair in my mouth. ha!

nana and kim

from 1985: my adorable hotmomma {tee hee hee}and i’m probably a little older than Sophia. we are in front of our old cherry tree at the house i grew up in. Fred at least is looking up! i love mom’s cute short shorts and i tried to copy her with my own version…but i’m prety sure it was at least july in colorado…so WAY warmer than it was here when i took these pictures. ha!

copy with sophia in backyard

2014 in front of the dogwood tree in our backyard…with not as cool of a background. womp womp. so then we tried out front of our house:

copy with sophia by tree

NEEDS desparatly to be weeded!! doh! {why did we not think of that before we took the picture?!} at least puppycakes and Sophia are looking at the camera! but the tree’s so big and the neighbors’ house is not the best backdrop either. which one looks better?

copy with sophia back yard outtake

outtake lol. no one is looking. oh well!

anyway, this was a fun thing to do! it was fun to think about my own mom holding me the way i was holding Sophia. it was nostalgic and sweet.  i framed an old version and a new version together for her gift. i hope she likes it!

Happy Mother’s Day Momma!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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One Response to thinking about my mom on my first mother’s day

  1. Sharon May 12, 2014 at 8:06 pm #

    Hope you had a great Mother’s Day. I love the old and new generation pics. What a neat idea! All three generations look so much alike that anyone would know that you are all mother’s and daughters. I’m sure when you look back at these photos in the future they will bring back memories for both you, your mom and someday, Sophia.

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