thoughts from Sandy

i guess i should mention my thoughts about Sandy. the hurricane. not my Aunt who lives in Australia 😉

it was interesting to live through my second hurricane, a year after the first one(Irene)… and let me just say, i’m so thankful we aren’t in Jersey anymore.  last year, i used my time without power well by diy-ing some chair covers. this year, all i did was study and go to work, we didn’t even loose power! {but i still have buckets of water laying around, just. in. case. we lost our water somehow}

last year we had flooding… and apparently they have flooding in Jersey again. this year, in Gloucester, right next to the ocean, there wasn’t any flooding. there were high tides, but that’s about it in my neighborhood. i feel very lucky.

and utterly devastated for my friends who are still without power… and for the cities that are now in ruin because of too much water.  it is just so sad.

i guess my biggest thoughts from Sandy had to do with work. MA declared a state of emergency. the city of Boston(and surrounding areas) told everyone to stay home from work.

but, somehow, my office thought that work was so important that we needed to brave the weather anyway. apparently being an architect is life or death work! either that, or someone has some priorities mixed up a little.

which got me to thinking… is work really the most important thing in my life? … is it something that i would risk my life, my family’s life, over? is it so important to make that extra buck that you risk the lives of everyone around you, to require them to be at work on a day that is so dangerous that the city tells everyone to stay home? it just makes me think that we Americans have things a little screwed up. i know it wasn’t just my office that went to work that day because there were plenty of other crazy drivers on the roads.

i’m just saying, maybe we should think about life as a precious thing. not as a chance to make more money. maybe we should think about what should be the most important thing in our life. and really, what should be the order of our priorities? doesn’t such devastation as a natural disaster make you think about priorities and what’s important in life? and yet…somehow… some of us haven’t even glanced up to notice.

am i the only one who is questioning the way Americans think about this? maybe not in Jersey right now, but what about elsewhere? if you were told to stay home from work because of a dangerous situation, would you do it or would you go into work just because you don’t want to miss that deadline/meeting/whatever…or somehow is your work defining you-your very life– more than anything, or anyOne, else?

just some thoughts. have any to share?

my prayers go out for everyone who is still without power, who is stuck, or is facing some  sad tragedy from this terrible storm.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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