thoughts to share with my littlest sister

i started to write this right before our anniversary last month. then i forgot about it and life GOT CRAZY. more on that another time. right now, i just thought it’d be sweet to revisit this. especially since i’m in Colorado  to celebrate a Miss A’s wedding.

on the eve of our 9th anniversary, on the eve of starting our TENTH year together,  i’m actually just thinking about things i wish i could tell my little{st} sister. you see, my sweet Miss A is 6 years younger then me, AND SHE’S GETTING MARRIED, people!

when we were little she would follow me around everywhere. i LOVED it. i loved having a little person to boss around… i mean i always tried to give her tips from my life so she could do better when it was her turn. ha. but no, seriously, even when i was young i always considered her one of my best friends. we just got each other. we understood each other.  i remember crying in highschool one time because some friend hurt my know…DRAMA. as a freshman or sophmore she would have only been in 3rd or 4th grade. but she always listened and gave me hugs and encouraged me. then i tried to do the same for her when she was in high school, but man, she didn’t really want ANY of MY advice when she was that age. lol HA. despite that, throughout college and after, our friendship has grown. i’d say she is one of my best friends and i  only wish is that i could live right next door. {maybe she wouldn’t like me as much then… tee hee}

Amy is 12 and Kim

2003. wowoa.


{2005. weirdness}


{2007 cuteness} IMG_0585

{more cuteness}

reading terminal crepes

{this gorgeous girl. love her.}

anyway, i still feel like such an older sister, wanting to always share advice. usually she has better advice for me, because well, she’s a genius. but in this case, i’ve had a few years to figure things out…

…so i decided to make a list of tips for this crazy thing called marriage:

  1. loving your man is a daily CHOICE. it’s not the world says it is, a feeling. a feeling that just has to be strong enough to hold you through the years. it’s a daily choice- choosing to think nice thoughts of him, choosing to say nice things to him, choosing to respect him, choosing to TELL him you respect him,  choosing to encourage the best of him instead of pointing out the bad, choosing to love.
  2. marriage is a 3 person relationship. weird, right? but it is. it has to be. God has to be there, right in the middle holding you two together. {“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12} it’s THE ONLY WAY two broken, screwed up sinners can actually have a real life giving relationship.
  3. it’s oh so fun! i’m really proud of my little sis for how careful she was in her dating this guy(soon to be brother in law) but sometimes i just want to say, “oh just relax! kiss him in front of me already!” (lol, she’s really cute and shy.) but it’s so fun to have your best friend with you every day. it’s so fun – again, if you choose the fun– to wake up next to each other, to have breakfast together, to go for adventures, to just live life with someone. i LOVE it.
  4. marriage is a dance. i still think about the song that i blogged about on our 6th anniversary: dancing in minefields by Andrew Peterson. it makes me cry every time i hear it because i am SURE that marriage is just like that. it’s dancing through the HARD of life together. you have each other,  you’re not perfect but you have a promise to each other. that’s what gets you through.
  5. it’s not about you. it’s not about what you can get out of the relationship. it’s more about  loving and serving that other person the way Christ loves and serves you. it’s not a 50/50 relationship! it’s 100/100!!!
  6. it’s hard. and that’s ok. it’s hard because that other person is a sinner just like you. he will whine and fight and fail and not do the dishes when you ask him to. but you will too. so it’s hard work to keep treating that person with respect. to keep lifting him up to the Lord in prayer. it’s not your job to change him. it’s the Lord’s. it’s sanctifying. he is a mirror that will show you all of your faults, magnify all of your flaws and sins.  but i think maybe that’s the point. how does a something rough get smooth? by going through the hard and sanctifying times to become refined.
  7. it’s worth the fight. it is SO worth it, girl. SO worth it. the secret is you have to fight toward Christ. you have to fight to love well, fight to give yourself completely to God and to your man. it’s a fight- every single day. 

Miss A, you’ve got this.

and since we’re talking about weddings and our marriage we might as well just throw this picture in there.

DSC_0241(copy 1)(rev 0)  btw: how young do we look?!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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  1. Teresa October 11, 2015 at 10:49 pm #

    Oh man, this is good! And, it makes me want to go on a long drive with you and just talk the miles away.

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