to the man of my dreams {9 years later}

2015-08-03 11.30.14-1 my dear mr. husbuddy,

9 years ago today i was sure that you were the man of my dreams. i thought you were funny and smart and sexy and adoring  and perfectly imperfect- just for me. i knew i was the lucky one that day. i knew that together we would have a blissful life adventuring together.

if you had asked me that day where we’d be in 9 years, this is not what i’d have pictured. at all. it’s very different. it was hard. it’s still an adventure, just harder then i could have dreamed.

but the truth is, that you are more the man of my dreams today then you were then.

you are funnier now- and somehow way more of a tease then you used to be. you’re smarter now, i think all that greek and hebrew made your head grow. and even more of a loving man then i could have imagined, you still buy me flowers and surprise me whenever you can and all my girlfriends are still jealous about that. ha! and you are MY sexy date… as we push the stroller around the park again because that’s what we can afford to do on our dates these days.

i still think i’m the lucky one. that you stick around when i’m a dork, when i’m mean, when i’m a klutz. you still love me and adore me and you still want to go on adventures with me. i’m so thankful for you, my Mr.

i’m the lucky one and i know this now more then ever before. it is only by God’s grace that we can say we’re more in love then on that day, but 9 years, man! we’ve made it so far, God has brought us through so much and i’m so excited to see where the next 9 take us!

i love you and thank God for you! 2015-08-02 18.25.33 2015-08-02 18.25.41 2015-08-02 20.12.54 2015-08-02 20.13.37 2015-08-02 21.09.07

and can we just sing Dancing in Minefields one more time?

{pictures from our early anniversary trip to Annapolis. if you haven’t been there, you should visit! it was our 3rd time visiting and we still had so much fun!}

xoxo-kimberly renee



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  1. Karen August 18, 2015 at 7:55 am #

    Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple!!

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