tutorial: homemade ornaments + date night

ornament date

alright… so that title is a little silly. but let me explain.

the other night we had date night. see, Husbuddy just read THIS BOOK and is really stoked about it. {date night? i won’t complain! :)}  we were trying to decide what to do because TV is off limits for date night. for us, we watch too much during the other nights of weeks, so sometimes we’ll rent a movie or something special for date night- but usually it’s off limits. so while trying to decide what to do, i thought it would be fun to make our Christmas gifts together! i was planning to do them by myself that weekend… but together? WAY more fun, and way more personal. we had so much fun! and the house smelled soooooo good! 🙂

making cinammon ornaments that night we made these cinnamon ornaments. let me tell you: AMAZING. it was so easy and it was really fun to do together.  i imagine it’d be really fun to do with kids some day… but my favorite person in the world will have to do for now 😉 ha. he usually doesn’t do crafty things with me… which made it really special. he doesn’t know how sweet it was for him to make it into our date. 🙂

they bake for a while, and we had to let them sit out over night to let them dry completely. our house smelled divine.

ornament on tree2

another night, since that experience was such a hit, i decided to make the cornstarch version as well. it wasn’t technically date night, but he still helped me out. 🙂 yay! multiple date nights in one week! ornaments cornstarch 3 he didn’t like getting his hands dirty, so i rolled them out. but he was there to help me punch out the holes! and clean up. love it.

i also got out my stamps to add some pretty details to the white ones.

ornament cornstarch hope

  {note, it worked better when we made them a little thicker than 1/4″ like the website suggests. and make sure to turn them both over half way through! ours curled a little when we forgot to!}

when they were all dry, it was time to add glitter.

ornaments glitter husbuddy stayed FAR AWAY for this part. ha. he has a small hatred for glitter. i tell him that God says not to hate. he rolls his eyes and says that glitter is evil. haha.

but the glitter gave it a little extra sparkle! perfect for packaging into our gift bags:

ornaments finished

we just used twine, a christmas bell or two, and ribbon to make little package to send to loved ones. shhh… don’t tell them what they’re getting for xmas! hee hee.

ornaments we had so much fun making these. and the memories of making these ornaments together is what this season is about! love it! and i think Husbuddy looks pretty darn cute in that picture, don’t you?  hands off, he’s mine. 🙂

so what about you all? do you have date night? do you think your special someone would make ornaments with you? i imagine making sugar cookies together would have a very similar effect… and you could actually eat what you make… ha. why didn’t i think of that?

yay for date night! yay for cute ornaments that sparkle! yay for those gifts checked off my list!

merry christmas!

xoxo-kimberly renee.

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  1. artbyimi December 19, 2012 at 3:29 pm #

    I liike this idea 🙂 Might suggest it to the boyfriend! Do they smell good once they are done?

    I had a lovely evening with mine recently, I painted, he played xbox. Doesn’t sound that great, but it was just so nice being together but doing our own thing (do you know what I mean?) It was nice to spend one of our few days together just relaxing in each-others company.

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