visiting with friends {part 2}

as soon as the friends left, on sunday, we did our own leaving and went on our first road trip since we’d moved!

this little puppycakes LOVES road trips.

the lovely place we got to hang out at for a few days. thanks, friends! we went swimming in the lake. it was surprisingly warm and lovely!

and we went kayaking… can you see the adventuresome little pup?

yup he went too. and had a blast.

thanks to an awesome neighbor who let us borrow a dog size life jacket!
my handsome stud loves boating too.

then we did something crazy and hiked a 4,000 ft-er! i know i know, dear colorado friends, go ahead and scoff at 4,000 feet, but this was the most vertical climb i’ve ever done! it was quite impressive and i’ve done my share of 14,000 ft-ers! it was about 1,000 ft vertical per mile! and little puppycakes made it all the way to the top by himself! {he needed some help getting down because some of the rocks to climb down were so high… there was also an epic ladder to climb down}

it was so much fun to get the hiking boots on again! We hiked Mt. Cannon {which, for those of you know NH, is the mountain that had “the man in the mountain”}

the view was amazing.

dear New Hampshire, it was an epic vacation! thanks for having us! 🙂 and i’m thinking we’re going to have to take this little guy on more hikes and in more kayaks! he was so happy to be running and jumping up the mountain! the water scared him a bit, but he still had a blast following us around.

xoxo-kimberly renee.

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  1. Sarah August 12, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

    Franconia Notch? My brother’s future in-laws live there–he’s visiting us here right now and recognized your pictures! We’re heading there next summer for the wedding and can’t wait!

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