walking in Papa’s garden

it’s been two weeks since we got home from Colorado. two weeks and i feel like i can’t stop and catch my breath.  i have been dying to go through some of the photos from our time there.

tonight, all i can do is think about walking through my dad’s {Sophia’s Papa} garden. he has quite the garden, you really have to see it in person though to get the full experience. some mornings while we were there, Sophia and i would just take walks through and around the garden. walking    walking through papa's garden she would point out the bugs or run down the garden rows and point at the pumpkins.

…and usually trip.

it’s a good thing she’s so close to the ground. haha.  walking through the garden walking with Sophia Walk with Sophia walk with S  we miss you, Colorado, Nana and Papa, {and all the time with aunties and uncles too} and we miss going for walks in the garden.

more pictures soon…

xoxo-kimberly renee
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