want to go for a ride?

we went for a little drive this weekend. it started out with Husbuddy asking if I wanted to go for a ride to go exploring since it was so sunny.

the problem was that when you say, “want to go for a ride?” puppycakes gets a little excited.

I wish I had the forethought to think of capturing his dancing excitement on camera. it’d be impossible to catch to though. it’s just something you’re going to have to come visit us to see in person.

it’s hysterical.

then puppycakes spends most of the drive either: a. pawing at the window button to get it to open(because, yes, he has figured that out) or b. with his nose out the window in typical dog fashion:


and in case you can’t tell what’s going on from the above picture:


haha. I know. we all have dogs who do this and we all think it’s the cutest thing and I just shared one of the most ordinary things about having a dog.

but I’m still thankful for that little guy and his cute little excitement about going for a ride.

part of what “going for a ride” means for me is to find new streets and get lost in new parts of Princeton that we haven’t seen before. it’s so fun to see where you end up! and I just LOVE sitting in the passenger seat while Husbuddy drives and we talk or sing along to the radio. it feels like we’re dating again when we used to drive from Spokane to Moscow together. it’s just one of our favorite things. 🙂

so on this little adventure we found some pretty amazing houses. the only one that I “HAD” to take a picture of is this one:


I know, it’s impossible to see past that huge gate, but basically, it’s a really interesting house that has taken an old stone barn and connected it to a modern farmhouse with a really contemporary-glass entry. le sigh. I wish I had the guts to knockon the door (or gate) and ask for a tour. it would be fascinating!

and then of course, we had to find a park for the puppycakes to run around in because he was just too excited to pee before we got in the car…


hee hee. he’s so funny looking.

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