we are called to SHINE

Here’s a throwback for you, did anyone else love that song by Newsboys’:  “Shine”?


Go ahead, click on the link and listen to it 🙂

I heard it the other day and it reminded me of a time when i was really cool.  {ha!}

I remember specifically a time in jr high or high school I was blaring this cd at home and my grandparents walked into the room. I was totally dancing and rocking out. My grandpa, who is now  in heaven, laughed at me and couldn’t believe that I would listen to something so loud and obnoxious.  But then I turned it down and told him to listen to the lyrics. They were actually really good lyrics that called me to “shine”!! Shine with the light of Christ.

We are called to shine, people.

Shine because you have a love that fills you up so much that it has to overflow. Shine because you have a gift that you don’t deserve and it should empower you all day, everyday to share that gift with others.  Shine because there’s a peace and a joy within you that you could not conjure up by yourself.

Good ol’ Newsboys. Calling us to a higher standard. Man, I miss that song. That and their “Breakfast” song.  Which is totally random and I loved it.

Shine bright today, my friends!!

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