we are pretty excited around here!

prego announcement1  if you couldn’t tell from this photo in the post the other day about the level of our excitement maybe the outtakes will convince you!  prego announcement prego announcement2 she is stoked to be a big sister! she talks about baby all the time and pats my belly in public places and talks about  the “1” or “5” depending on the day babies that are in mama’s tummy. haha, to explain, we have certain friends who are due later this month with twins and when my friend told her there were “2!” babies in her tummy, Sophie was amazed. it apparently made quite the impression because she keeps talking about how “Graham’s mama, 2 babies!” and “me Mama, 1(or 5 depending on the day) babies.” it’s a topic of conversation, pretty much every day. haha.

and to prove to my sister that i’m already popping out as i keep telling her:

12 weeks: jelly bean week 12

13 weeks: jelly bean week 13

goodness gracious, i can’t believe it. apparently after this baby i need to REALLY work on my abs- not just sorta work on my abs. lol.

for those of you who asked, we are due early November. we are terrified of the craziness that our life will become with two, but we are thankful to be on this journey and adventure of parenthood!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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