well, she’s 18 months old

as of July 4th, this little baby is now a full fledged toddler. she’s 18 months old!

don’t mind me while i cry a little bit. it went too fast!

book adict she is SUCH a busy bee. i hardly had a chance to get these photos. most of the ones i took were just a blur across the lens. 18 month photos 18 months2 peek a boo peek a boo who at 18 months Sophia is:

  • 24.8 lbs & 32.5″ tall both around the 75% chart.
  • she is stubborn and strong willed and did i mention stubborn?
  • she has the sweetest laugh and likes to try to make us laugh
  • talks in sentences but we don’t really know what she’s talking about
  • LOVES her sandbox and going to the park to play on the swings and slides is one of her favorite things.
  • she colors with her crayons and outside chalk.
  • she takes care of her babies(dolls and teddy bears) and feeds them and pats them and then is very concerned that Puppycakes doesn’t show the same concern for his babies(chew toys)…lol.
  • she climbs EVERYTHING.
  • is a total ham at church. she knows that she can just smile and tease just about anyone there to do what she wants. oh boy…
  • sings happy songs to us from time to time. hee hee so cute.
  • dances to music, dances to daddy playing guitar… loves to dance and spin!
  • knows her sign language words so well she feels like she doesn’t have to learn to say them out loud. she knows the combo of  “more! please!” really REALLY well and is doing it so hard and fast it’s almost like she’s screaming. haha.
  • folds her hands to pray with us and says “Aa-Man” at the end with us. so freaking adorable.
  • puts her hands up in the air to tell me she is “So big!”
  • has the cutest little toddler wiggle/run and i just laugh when she really gets going. those arms start swinging and the cloth diaper booty starts going… i don’t want her to grow out of that… ok. maybe by the time she’s 16. but till then. mmmk?! ha.


18 months old and sweet

18 months old 18 months old3

she is a treasure and a delight. i’m so blessed to get to spend every day with her! {although, i must admit i had to write that on a good day…on a not so good day with you know, toddler tantrums and screaming and whining, i would be hiding on the floor behind my bed}

trouble face

i love you  miss Sophia!

xoxo-kimberly renee


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One Response to well, she’s 18 months old

  1. Susan Houck July 9, 2015 at 3:20 pm #

    You did an amazing job with these photos and Sophia is precious!! I am reading this about 6 hours after dropping Ethan off at Temple University’s two day orientation, and wondering where the past 18 years have gone.

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