what i did when the power was out after the hurricane

granted, the power didn’t go out at our place.

just at work. and everywhere else in princeton. so i had a couple of days to kill… and not being able to go anywhere i had to get my hands busy…

so what did i do?

i’ll tell ya, what i should have done, is some art work. my heart is yearning to paint! but nope, that’s not what i did.

instead, i upholstered my dining room chairs:

they were 20$ each from Target 5 years ago when we first got married.

they’ve moved to 4 different apartments in 4 different cities in the past 5 years.

they were looking kind of gross. they have been dinged up all over the place because of all the moves.

they’ve been through a lot of paint splotches and food spills from the clutz in the house.

no comment about who is the clutz.

{you know, since we don’t even have little kids running around… it’s a little bit embarrassing…}

so it made perfect sense to put pretty new fabric on the chairs right? ok, maybe not perfect sense.

but luckily, it was easy enough and the chairs were cheap enough that i didn’t feel bad about it.

i got out my trusty staple gun. {the first time i even used a staple gun was when i upholstered those stools.} this time though, since the fabric was not that bad…ok, just a little dirty, i just added the new fabric on top of the old one.

{is that ok to admit? i feel guilty for doing that… and i’m not sure why…}

lots of staples. staple staple staple your gun gently around and around… merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream…

hmmm…? maybe the ringing in my ears is more than just from the gun…

after the stapling, i sanded the chair like crazy. i liked the color of the stain but there were so many nicks on the chair already i decided to just take it further, to distress it to hide the nicks.

i know, i know, some people might hate it.

who knows, maybe some day i’ll paint the chairs…

but at least for now, the chairs are different, pretty and a mix of rustic distressed and elegant.

just the way i like it 🙂

i’m in love.


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