what i learned in August {a delayed report from our adventures}

oh hi there.

yup. it’s been weeks. WEEKS since i’ve posted on this thing.

i don’t have much of any excuse. just life. oh wait. and everything that happened the last few weeks. let’s recap what i’ve learned in august, shall we?

  1. nursing a baby, getting little sleep for months on end leads to a worn out body. you’d think we’d all know this. but for me, it took 2 trips to urgent care in two weeks, bronchitis, pink eye AND mastitis to find out. yes. August was AWESOME for my health.
  2. Gettysburg has a really cool “newish” visitors center. it was awesome!
  3. flying with a 6 month old is TOTALLY different than flying with an 8 month old. we found out the hard way. let’s just leave it at that.
  4. grandparents spoil children. again, you’d think we ALL already knew this. but after my parent’s 10 day visit and then our 8 day visit to Seattle to visit my in laws, we KNOW this first hand. lol. oi. even though all she can be spoiled with is attention…she is very much spoiled. and loved! for that i am so very thankful!!
  5. aunties on the other hand just rock. they can make the girl laugh no matter what. uncles too for that matter. lol.
  6. bats don’t follow the rules. the rules were that we set up nets, we blocked all the holes, we paid a lot of moolah…all of this for them to go away… but still, they are back. what?! question of the month: WHY ARE THE BATS BACK??! today, over Skype, my father very nobly said, “oh, i wouldn’t mind the bats, they are good! they eat the bugs!” well, dear Papa, why don’t you tell me that when you’re up in the middle of the night nursing and it flies over your head? hmmm?? hee hee…ugh.
  7. when the business about the bats gets too depressing our starbucks budget gets thrown out the window…let’s leave it at that.
  8. when you have guests over for an extended amount of time… um…everyone uses the bathroom…and um… apparently it gets overused or it gets reminded that it needs attention or SOMETHING and then decides to up and call it quits. um… ya, that happened too. we had a sewage explosion arrive in our front lawn. yay! oh, you know, the day after we noticed the bats were back. eieie. a few calls, a couple of plumber visits later, and let me tell you folks, we have a nice new trap system for our sewer line! yay! just what we wanted to spend money on! woot woot! in other news, if you ever wanted to see a video of your sewer line, i have a number for you to call. fascinating (and disgusting) stuff!
  9. the 3 hour time change from the west coast to the east coast was brutal BEFORE kids…now it’s just miserable. ha!
  10. tomatoes can grow blight, turn black from stem to leaf to fruit, and ruin every plant it touches. i know, fascinating right? well, in this household it’s sad. when your husbuddy has put his heart into a couple of plants all summer and you learn that the crop is ruined, it is just kind of sad… womp womp.
  11. green tomatoes can still ripen if you have to pick them early! just set them on a window sill! {or if you’re like us, you can keep them in a box and pull out a couple at a time to ripen as you go! oh, we’d never have learned that if we didn’t get blight, right honey?!}
  12. a baby girl rubbing her eyes because she’s SO tired is just about the cutest thing…eva’
  13. the Poconos are NOT mountains people. just need to make that clear because we learned that many people think they are, they call them mountains and would keep calling them mountains unless they are otherwise informed. consider yourself informed. there are trees and lakes there though. so that makes them pretty hills anyway.
  14. my heart LOVES mountains. real mountains. enough said.
  15. i’m a glass half empty person. even though I SO WISH i was a glass half full person! it’s been a month of trying to learn to be positive… hee hee.

well, i could keep going but i’ll stop there.  i guess August was a rather  informative month! that’s a pretty good list of stuff i learned! hee hee. oi.

xoxo-kimberly renee

{although i’ve written this very tongue and cheek, i realize that i am SO blessed to have experienced, and made it through all these things this month! i’m very thankful for the good and the bad…now that i can laugh about most of it…i’m just not laughing about the bats yet. just saying.}

{also, even though i’m SUPER late, i’ll be linking to Chatting at The Sky what we learned post}

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