what i’ve been up to lately

besides the cupcake adventure that i blabbed about yesterday… things have been a little busy around here!

we’ve been helping some friends move.

luckily they were just moving around the corner. and we had a big group from church to help!

we’ve been enjoying springtime outside:

we’ve been experimenting with gf/df baking: {and yes, the chair is a very necessary, although recent, addition to our cooking process… by that i mean-it is needed for keeping the oven door closed…}

but we’ve had some successes!

don’t those look mouthwatering? can you even believe that they are gluten, yeast, and dairy free?! thank you Chebe! {and they didn’t last to the end of that day…}

we’ve enjoyed some springtime adventures like “communiversity“:

with sweet friends. we’re going to miss you guys so much!

being outside in the sunshine with this little man has been wonderful:

he’s so excited to be walking all around and giving me flirty little smiles non-stop. seeing him totally makes my day. 🙂 he turns 1 on Sunday! {and yup- this is the lucky boy who is getting the very hungry caterpillar cake!}

we’ve shared a few dinners with the newly home Owen! Praise God that he is home! {And while we’re praising, we’re asking that he stays out of the hospital now!!}

we’re enjoying sweet times with these friends while trying not to think about how we’re moving so far away… (one couple here is even moving to Germany! yay for them and all of their to be had adventures, but sad for us! -mostly that we can’t go with them 😉 ha)

other than all those fun things: i’ve been working a lot.

i’m SO close to getting all my internship hours done. my goal to get it done before we move at the end of june! which means, after that, i’ll be studying like crazy to start taking the ARE. oh man… i really don’t like tests. just thinking about it is terrifying.

so let’s not think about it again for a while. 🙂

what have YOU been up to lately? any fun moving adventures? any playing outside? 😉 would love to hear about it!

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