when auntie amy and uncle chris come for a visit!

my sister Amy and her husband Chris came for a visit last week. the little miss has been talking about all the things we did and how “far far far far away” they life. there are just so many fun things that happen when they come!

like we wear our best jewels to Longwood gardens, you know just to enjoy the sunshine: we go for walks in big meadows…and make them take turns carrying us:

 we sit and have long discussions on a bench among the branches:   and smile: and we have photographers to get a family photo. WHAT. oh and the girls just wouldn’t look. too many other people to look at:   and we have someone adoring to smile for:  and stare at:  and someone to dress up:    awesome uncle award goes to: and of course, ALWAYS, our auntie takes us shopping:  and help us with tummy time:

and take us to lots of fun places. don’t they look related in this photo?::  it’s pretty much the BEST when auntie amy and uncle “Criss” come to visit.  and now we have our other auntie becca coming this week and we’re so excited to be spoiled some more! haha.

thanks for coming to visit you guys! you are adored!

xoxo-kimberly renee

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