where to next.

i know i’ve talked about Husbuddy a lot lately, but i  guess it’s just because we’ve been thinking about a lot of things together. like where we’re headed next. i want to share that with you…


but first, let me share with you the song that Husbuddy sent me this morning: Lee Brice. awe. so cute, right? oh, i love that boy of mine. 🙂

and because i love him, i followed him all the way from Idaho to Princeton almost 3 years ago. it was our 4th move in 3 years of marriage. we had no idea what the east coast held for us.

and we’ve had a few adventures here.

i’ve hated jersey and i’ve loved it.

we got a puppy (that was the promise for draggin’ me all the way out here that i held him to 😉

we did a lot of exploring

we acquired too much furniture.

we’ve survived the humidity and the snow storms.

we’ve made amazing friends.

and i’ve had to support him while he figured out where God is calling him… we came here thinking his calling was towards a PHD and to teach theology…

then he realized that he loved preaching the Word and speaking into lives with truth.

he compares it to what happened to Calvin (although no where near that incredible). John Calvin is a church father from the 1500s (i think?)who spent a lot of time in Geneva, Switzerland. Long story short, he wanted to disappear from society to just study and read the bible and write for his whole life. He wanted to be scholarly in solitude. Then one of his buddies told him very firmly that if he didn’t preach, God would strike him down. (or something like that) HA! that got his attention.

anyway, Husbuddy didn’t have anyone tell him anything quite like that, but he had this sense through lots of prayer and discussion with pastors, teachers, and friends, that if he kept going in the PHD direction, he wouldn’t be doing what he was supposed to. He feels called- although humbly inadequate- to preach and to someday become ordained to be a pastor.

Maybe someday he’ll study more and eventually get that PHD in theology…but not right now. as he finishes his MDIV, he feels like Princeton didn’t really prepare him for preaching, so he wants to do one more year of study…

and because i still love him, i’m following him to the “Noath Shoah” (as someone said it on facebook to me) this summer for one more year of schooling at Gordon Conwell.

and then, it looks like, that i’ll follow him into a field that is ripe for harvest.

because i love him, and because i trust that God knows what He’s doing… i may become a pastor’s wife. {the thought of that makes me nervous so i’m not thinking about it at the moment. one day at a time, right?}

so for now, we’re getting ready to go to the north shore!

it’s going to be fun to see what God has in store for us next.

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  1. justanyjon April 20, 2012 at 5:57 pm #

    Welcome to Massachusetts! 🙂


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