why Christian couples should celebrate Valentines day.

V-DAYi’ve been asking some of my Christian friends what they are doing for V-day.  some of them scoff. some of them say they should do something or wish that their husband would do something but probably won’t.  some of them say something pious like “o, Valentines day is just a consumerist-ic holiday so we don’t buy into it.”

in a way a few of them even tried to make me feel guilty for being excited about the holiday when I’m a Christian and supposedly “above” the worldly holiday…or something like that. geez, we’re a cynical bunch. and that makes me so sad.

i’m wondering though. why DON’T Christians in general celebrate it?

i mean, i know it’s a made up holiday that really gets pushed by Hallmark… but it’s a holiday about love. what’s not to celebrate about that?!

how did holidays come into being anyway? think of the historic Jewish Passover… it’s a “holiday” that God required the Jewish people to celebrate. it remembers what God did to rescue the Israelites when they were in Egypt.  holidays in general- are days that we remember something that has happened. having that holiday every year helps to remember what has happened, remember who God is and how God provided and be encouraged by it.

think about it… Christmas and Easter. Christian holidays that remember Christ’s birth and Christs death. they’ve been totally commercialized but as a Christian we REMEMBER who the holiday is about and we celebrate him. this provides joy and bolsters our faith throughout the year. we have these times throughout the year that we can celebrate  and remember a certain event, how God’s been good and faithful.

well, I’m here today to argue that even though Valentines isn’t a Christian holiday- it still can be good. it IS  good to remember to celebrate your relationships. to celebrate the love in your life. especially in a society where marriages seem to just fade away and fall apart all around us. shouldn’t we take every opportunity to celebrate our love?  to THANK GOD for our loved ones? to remember how awesome our spouse is? to remember the days when life was a little more romantic and maybe recreate some of that?

Happy Valentines Day, my friends.

love, kimberly renee

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  1. Elizabeth February 14, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

    This morning I woke up to a huge bouquet f lillies with a card filled with lovey words from my husband of 9 years. I wrote him a poem and made a Stay at Home Date Jar. We made heart shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast and gave extra long goodbye hugs today.

    We love valentines day because its one more day to express our love! I’m glad we’re in good company!

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