why we’re working on our master bedroom

engineer screwing it in

there are a few things that i’ve learned in my experiences in design that i’ve been trying to incorporate into our house. i think it was in one of my interior design classes at school, someone said that it’s important to put the money where it will do the most good/be the most visible. like, don’t put a super expensive tile installation in the janitor’s closet. ha. like anyone would do that really…but you get what i mean. in a couple of my previous jobs, we used this as common sense. one of my bosses even laughed at me for my “expensive taste” and suggested we may need to pick something a little less pricey for the kid’s bathroom sink faucet. so i’m still learning. hee hee.

but right now, when we don’t really have the money to be doing a lot on our house {you know… new job, new house, new baby all in a year kinda sucks ya dry…lol} i guess we’ve discussed the importance of where we’ve spent our money pennies. and it’s really pennies because that’s how our diy’s work around here! lol.

cabinet inside

but with just pennies to spend, we’ve had to be picky about where we spend it. it’s made me think about, why are we spending money at all in our master bedroom? i mean, no one sees it except us. in our previous apartments we’ve never done anything too fancy in there because we couldn’t afford to and didn’t really need to. i mean, it’s just a place to sleep… right?

well, i’m here today to prove otherwise.

it is very important that thought and care is put into the safe places in our homes. it is important that there are places of “sanctuary” or peace away from the rest of the house or the public areas. we want our home to open and inviting and welcoming to everyone who comes into our home but we need those places that are just ours.  i think it is most important that we make an effort for our master bedroom so that we give honor and intention to our marriage.

if we left the master bedroom as boring/thrown together/barely functional but put a lot of effort and function into the rest of the house, what is that saying about the state of our marriage? are we lifting up the significance of our marriage in such a way that deem it valuable? worthy to work on? worthy to have a space in our home that is comforting, peaceful and functioning well?  cabinets puppy approves

a lot of counselors will tell you to never have an office space or desk in the bedroom. to me, this is because the master bedroom needs to be about the marriage and shouldn’t be competing for attention in the bedroom. it needs to be a safe space that is both of ours as a couple, where we spend time together, spend time with God, have alone time away from kids, where we can have conversations, etc.  i’d even go so far as to say it’s not necessarily wise to have a tv in the bedroom. at least for us. if we’re just watching tv in the bedroom that means that we’re not even connecting, we’re just staring at a screen next to each other. {granted, we do still bring the laptop in for a cozy movie night once in a while but it’s not the norm!…as husbuddy proves me wrong in this photo on his ipad lol…}

i so desire for our marriage to be intentional. for us to BE PRESENT. to be available for each other. if my bedroom was just barely functioning as a space to hold laundry and put a comforter on a bed it would not be an intentional space to me. and it wouldn’t feel safe.

cabinets after

to me, decorating and design is not just about the aesthetic. i had a friend say to me once, “well, neither of us really care about decorating so we’re not going to do anything.” that made me sad because it’s not about the decorating. it’s one thing to just throw a couple pictures on a wall and call it “decorated” and quite another to create a space that works for you.  to create a functional space that is safe and inviting.

upholster legs

it’s about creating a space that functions the best that it can and doing that beautifully.

it’s about creating a space that evokes the feelings that you want to have in that space.

2014-04-21 14.45.22

we’re going for that by putting together beautiful elements that allow the master bedroom to work for both of us… every little square inch of it! we’re using color and materials to bring feelings of peace and coziness that are our own personal taste. we’re taking time to do projects together as well as spending time dreaming together.  and we’re doing it one little tuft and paint brush at a time. hee hee.

masterbedroom2 masterbedroom

it’s going to take a while. especially while we’re just putting pennies in the jar, and sometimes it’s going to look worse before it looks better. but already, we have a space that functions way better then it did when we first bought the house!  right now we’re in the middle of painting another little corner, hanging a mirror, wishing away that ceiling fan, and figuring out how to organize everything in the tiny space! so far my only regret so far is not painting the room before we moved in… lol. we’re just going to wait on that a while i guess!

but someday soon, i’ll give ya more of a full room tour… until then, i’d best be going and being intentional with my MR…

headboard complete

not that one. hee hee. that little mr. may think it’s his room too. oh well. some battles you just can’t win.

xoxo-kimberly renee

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