working on the nursery {day 26}

day 26

we’ve been busy little bees this weekend… painting the nursery! the color i finally ended up chosing is sort of a like aqua/teal color. it’s called “Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue” by Valspar from Lowes.

remember that this is what it looked like when we moved in: the little door-less closet and slanted ceiling on one side of the room

nursery before2

and the biggest closet in the house on the other side of the room:

nursery before

and last week you saw the beginnings of my priming job:

day 17

it’s slowly happening! eek!

painting seems like such a big step in getting the nursery together! so it made me nervous to actually go buy the paint color…because it was somehow “more real”.  but really, it’s just paint and it’s so easy to paint it again if i don’t like it. and i’m sure there will be plenty of other things along the way that will make this whole baby-on-the-way thing more real.

here are a couple inspiration images that i’ve pinned just so you get an idea of where i’m headed:  {we’ll see how close i actually get to any of these ideas since we have such a tight budget!} you’ll note that all of these nursery images there is a chandelier! oh i wish we could have one, but the ceiling is super low already.

the ruffled bed skirt and the pops of pink are my favorite. and look at the fun detail on the drapes!

all the colors in this room are amazing. and i’m in LOVE with this rug: {alas, it’s anthropologie which means WAY out of the price range!}

i just love that these images are girly but not overly pink. this image even shows a gray dresser like ours! the pops of black are fun but i’m not sure i’ll go that way.

there ya go. now you have an idea where i’m headed with this teal wall that Husbuddy is painting right now…isn’t he good lookin’ with that paint roller in hand? hee hee, i think so *wink wink.*  i’m so thankful for him and that he is just as excited as i am for this little baby girl!  {you can tell by his cute tweets}

xoxo-kimberly renee

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  1. Sherri Brown October 30, 2013 at 6:10 pm #

    Love the color – it looks like fun!!

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